The Beginning

The beginning of most events, people, and places are usually the best. We are taught this from the beginning of time, the day we are born. Our birthday is one of favorite days of the year, it was the beginning of our life- we must celebrate.

The first few weeks of any relationship are always the best. The kisses that give you butterflies. The back rubs at night that make you fall asleep in each others arms. The constant text messages that one day will become extremely abnoxious.

Those feelings don’t always fade away; however, I’ll never forget the first night meeting Justin. Neither of us wanted to go to the party, but mutual friends dragged us along. I was drinking and he was smoking, not an attractive combintation on our parts. He introduced himself as, “The Cool Guy That Hangs Out Here.” I laughed in his face with my piercing machine gun laugh and said, “I’m Ashley Mother &$R#@@! Bedwell- never forget it!” — And walked on. Our paths crossed on the stairs again. Desperate for a beer pong partner (I know, you think we are so classy), I grabbed him and forced him down the stairs. While I could quite possibly be the worst beer pong player on the face of the earth, we won that game. We made the final cup, at the same time, to win the game. I wrapped my arms around him and said, “YOU ARE MY SOULMATE!”

—How funny the story is this day as those sounds still ring so true. We are getting married May 15, 2010. I can’t wait, but those first few weeks of the relationship were still some of the best during my short 22 years of life.

And places. The first day of school is always the best. I remember being about seven years old. Going back to school shopping was my favorite time of year. New clothes. New caroyns. Heck, even new glue got me all excited. Maybe that is why we were so happy in our youth. We could really take time to enjoy the small simple pleasures in life.

Today marks the beginning of my blog. A place for me to grow as a writer, to complain about my day, to laugh about my akward moments, and reach out to people through my biggest passion in life; writing.

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