Congratulations- You Just Won A Free Trip to Africa!

I have determined two things in my life. Well, more than two things, but two things specifically related to the work force. Everyone should be required to work in retail and the resturant business.

Kaila works in the customer service department (i.e. the complain department) at Best Buy. I am shocked to hear the stories she tells me. People get so rude and scream and cuss her out because they didn’t pay attention to their warranty or recepit.

One story really stands out for me. A man came in and his TV was broken. I think it was something outragoues, a 52 inch or something. His TV was still under warranty, but they didn’t have any in stock. For that reason, he wouldn’t recieve a new TV for two days. Just two days.

He freaked out.

“How am I supposed to go two days without a TV?” he asked Kaila.

Really sir? Two days. Some people don’t have even TVs. You snaky face, probably have TVs in every single room, including the restroom.

Kaila, who remained claim the entire time, explained that was the best they could do because none were in stock at this location. Still, he was outraged and couldn’t believe a business would function without a fully stocked store. Sigh. People are out of control.

“I really just wanted to tell him- CONGRATULATIONS– You just won a FREE exclusive trip to Africa where hardly anyone has a television and the majority of people are dying from AIDS,” she said. “I am so disappointed in our country and how selfish we are.”

I laughed, but I couldn’t agree more. When did Americans become like this? So materialistic. So selfish. So rude. So unappreciative.

I was reminded of this story today when I was shopping Victoria Secret. Before anything even happened, I did what I always do when I see someone. Predict their life. She was in high heels pushing her baby around. I bet that was comfortable. You better believe I’ll be in sneakers if I’m pushing my kid around the mall. Anyway, she had her fur coat resting upon the stroller. Of course. She really could star on “The Real Desperate Housewives of Castleton.”

She pulled out perfume and it wasn’t in the box. She had the receipt, but the lady explained to her that she couldn’t return cash back for the item because it wasn’t in the original boxing.

“I would like to talk to manager!” she screamed.

“I am the manager,” the cashier said. I loved it. I absolutely love that the lady was being a dick and the lady she didn’t to talk to was right in front of her face.

“Oh really? You are a manager?” the desperate house wife questioned.

“Yes, mam’ I am,” the cashier said.

“Well, this is ridiculous. You guys are the only ones who sell this perfume. Why can’t I return it!?” the desperate housewife asked again– which the cashier had already told her the reason why she couldn’t accept the item.

“Mam’ we can’t accept that item because its not in the original box and we can’t re-sell it,” she said politely and with a smile on her face. She did good. I bet that smile just get the lady off even more. Kill em’ with kindness.

“Well, can’t you send it back to the manufacture without a box?” fur coat housewife asked.

“No, I’m sorry we can’t. And I couldn’t accept it anyway because its part of our return policy to be in the proper box,” the manager said.

“Well- well this is ridiculous,” she screamed.

The desperate housewife threw the perfume into her purse and screamed to all of the customers in the story, “This is the LAST TIME I’ll ever shop at Victoria Secret again!!!” Like we really card. I just got some gifts from my bridesmaids for $3.75 — you better believe I’ll come back.

And she marched out, huffing and puffing the entire way.

Well, that went well. I’m sure they don’t want people like you coming back either, ha-ha.

In terms of the restaurant business, I’ve been a waitress for more than six years. I love it, but I hate dealing with rude customers who think the world revolves around them.

No, I didn’t cook your food, so if you don’t like how it taste, please don’t take that out of my tip. If we are busy, your food will take awhile to come out. In fact, there are other people in front of you. Please be patient. Don’t snap your fingers at me either. I see you starring me down like a hawk in the sky searching for a great dinner. Please keep in mind that I only make $2.13 an hour, so your tip is really how I get paid. If I give you great service, please be mindful that 20 percent is appreciated. I could write plenty of blogs about the ways I and other waitresses have been treated. Its kind of ridiculous. Also, leaving your number on a napkin doesn’t mean I’ll call you. In fact, its sometimes like stripping. “I don’t date my customers.” LOL. Other girls could be different though.

Just be mindful, patient, and appreciative- by doing so, you will have a great dining experience and retail excursion. I promise.

And who knows? You might even be surprised with a special treat or extraordinary service. One time, Justin, Kaila, and I were eating dinner in Florida and the restaurant was slammed. But we didn’t complain because we understood. And we were grateful to be eating some great seafood. The waitress was so pleased with our attitude that she gave us all a slice of Key Lime pie. Yummy. A nice reward for doing what everyone should do.

Much love,

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