Good Life Choice

When Justin and I moved to Indy, our apartment complex promoted that it had a “24 hour fitness room.” I suppose the word “room” should have given it away that this was nothing more than two cardio machines and a total gym from 1982. There are no TVs or music playing over head to keep your mind off the burn. Needless to say, if one other person is in the room, its crowded. It was really hard for me to stay motivated there and want to go back.

One of my best friends has a membership at Lifestyle Family Fitness. Ashley kept telling me to come with her, but I kept making up excuses.

“Oh that’s okay,” I said. “I have p90x at home!” Yeah — covered with DUST!

But finally we went together. She told me I had a seven day free trail pass I could use. But as soon as I walked in the door, I realized how much I miss working out in an actual GYM! Going with her was a good life choice. Better yet, a GREAT life choice.

Of course, I joined the gym that night. It cost $34 a month, which of course made me sick to think about. But hey, no more Starbucks trips daily. And no more McDonald’s for dinners when its late. All the money on unhealthy expenses will now be going toward a healthy investment.

The gym also has a pool, so I can practice for SCUBA class. It also has free workout classes I can attend. I also get three personal trainer sessions to get me started — a $15o value, for free!

I think watching other people working out hard is also key. You see the look in their eyes. The determination. The tears. You hear the moans. The grunts. The loud sighs. And it makes you work harder too. You learn new moves and different approaches to machines and weight lifting. You make friends who are also making healthy options in life.

I can’t wait to see where my weight loss journey will take me.

Much love,

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