Cancer Free (Hopefully!)

I didn’t want to make a fuss over a small situation, so I didn’t tell a lot of people that today I had an appointment with a dermatologist to examine (and biopsy) an abnormal bump on my arm.

I’ve had it for a few years, but it was progressively gotten bigger and changed in color. It looks like it has different elevations; it looks like a scab. So I was worried. Really worried. But since I’m the type of person who thinks I could get any disease, cancer, or sudden illness — I tried to be logical and less emotional before hearing a diagnosis.
Jeff Foxworthy tells a joke that his wife is listening to symptoms on TV and lets out a big gasp and says, “OMG, I HAVE THAT!”
He looks at her and says, “Honey you do not have testicular cancer!!!” LOL And thats me —- and thats the type of response Justin has to give me.
But after having a few doctors tell me I should get it removed “just to be safe” — I knew it was time.
So I sat there in the examination room which made me conclude that I think if people signed consent forms afterward, medical facilities could make millions releasing footage of people waiting for the doctor to come into the room. When the nurse left, handed me a paper robe and told me to put it on so she could get a better look at my arm. She told me I could leave my bra on, though.
I’ve never seen such a robe before in my life!! I was like, how do I even put this thing on? It looked like a giant baby bib!
Do I have to take off my pants too? I had no idea. So I started pulling them down.
I FINALLY figured out the paper robe was designed like a t-shirt — after I put it on it was only covering my upper chest and lower stomach, like a bully shirt straight out of the 80s.
Judging by the size of the robe, I put my pants back on. Surely I didn’t need my pants off. Maybe if I had a mole on my butt, then I’d need to remove my pants.
Can you just see her walking in and me sitting in there in my bright pink undies with a t-shirt robe from the 80s?!?! Well that almost happened…..
So I sat there. Looked around the room. Read in my book. Let out loud sighs and muttered under my breath, “Come on…hurry up already!”
I listened the people in the other room, yelling it seemed. I couldn’t figure out the context of the story, but I surely didn’t want to get up and put my ear on the wall and have the doctor walk in during that creepy life moment.
So I just kept highlighting in my textbook.
Once she came in and looked at my arm, she gave me a few options. First, we could freeze it off and then wait to biopsy it later in 6-8 weeks depending on how it reacted to the freezing. Second, we could just do a sharp biopsy now. She didn’t think it was anything serious, but agreed just to have to a scrap biopsy performed to be sure it wasn’t anything serious.
So the nurse gave me a little shot with something in it. I looked down after the shot and saw the section of my skin where the bump was lifted up in the air.
Sick, I thought.
But then again I could stand to see the needle go in when I give blood, so I don’t really have the stomach for abnormal body functions and procedures.
“I really think this is benign,” she said. “But we will call you in about two weeks with the results.”
So I’m cancer free! 🙂 Hopefully!!!! She seemed confident- so that is a good sign! 🙂
I know that I need to protect myself because no one else will. I know that I have to make sure to practice preventative care medicine, even if my insurance won’t cover it.
In the end, I’ll probably end up paying the entire office visit and procedure ($225) — but for a peace of mind, I think its worth it. Even more so, I can go on being thankful that I’m healthy!
So good or bad, now I can actually participate in SCUBA today. Its our first day using the actual SCUBA, which means I have to breathe normally under water or I could get sick…you know, the bends or bubbles in my brain…not a big deal, right?
I’m sure I’ll be blogging about that later….
Much love,

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