And The Hard Part Is Over…

Sometimes when I write blogs about scuba, I wonder how many think, “Wow, how hard can this really be?”

Well the truth is — what is hard is determinded by an individual; perception is reality. And fear is real.

But even more so, support and confidence is real. With that in mind, I share with you the most exciting news from my scuba adventures.

I always go into the pool a little earlier so I can watch what the first group is doing so I can prepare myself for the day. Emotionally, physically– both.

They were doing struggling rescue skills when I walked in. My buddy walked in early too and we started talking about the class and scuba in the future.

The best part about taking this class is having Justin inform me about everything I’ll need to do before hand– its like doing my research for a successful paper.

I was leaning over and telling her about how the hardest thing we will have to do is a bailout skill when we have to put ALL of our gear on under water.

Five minutes later, Carol had everyone swim in the deep in and told them their next skill was called the “bailout” skill — designed to get people comfortable with putting their gear on under water.

Well, that’s crazy.


The bailout skill is done through a process that is supposed to make us comfortable doing this skill in baby steps.

First, we just went under water without our mask on, sank to the bottom, and then cleared it — then come back up.

Second, we went under water without or mask or fins on, sank to the bottom, and then put the mask on first so we could see and then put our fins on. Then we swam back up to the surface.

Third, we took our BC (the vest that has the tank and regulators coming out of it) off one shoulder, took our mask off, and took our fins off — sank to the bottom, put the mask on so you can see, put the fins on so you can swim, and then put the BC vest on to swim back up.

Fourth, was the big test. We got out of the pool with nothing on except for our swim suit. I don’t think naked scuba diving is the cards for me just yet. Then we had to jump into the pool with nothing on or attached. Once you hit the water, you need to get your regulator in your mouth — breathing is the most important thing under water. Next, you put on your mask so you can see. Then you put on the fins to swim and then you grab your BC vest and put it all together — buckle all the straps and make sure everything is clear…then swim back up to the shallow end.

Ladies and Gents, I did this skill without failure. I didn’t freak out. I didn’t come to the surface and say I couldn’t do it. I sank to the bottom on the first try. In fact, I was the third person done because I was one of the first brave few to jump right now.

I am going to be a great scuba sieb 🙂

As I started taking apart my equipment, Carol was talking to the others still trying to complete the task or finishing up.

“This is the hardest thing you will probably do in the class,” she said. “So the hard part is over.”

No Carol, the hardest part was sinking. I’ve got the rest in the bag! 🙂

Much love,

2 thoughts on “And The Hard Part Is Over…

  1. Awww thanks so much Brad!!! You always,always make me smile and inspire me to keep on, keepin' on! I'll forever be so thankful that our paths in life crossed! 🙂

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