A Day In The Life…

An incredible event took place this morning. Some people won’t believe this while others won’t think this is an accomplishment. But ladies and gents, this is a big deal.

I woke up on the FIRST ring of my alarm clock this morning. I didn’t hit snooze. I wasn’t running late. I had time to shower. And I even had time to Facebook stalk people before I left for my doctors appointment. WIN!


As I pulled out of the apartment complex, I saw some of the maintenance workers at the end of the road. They were waving, so I waved back and smiled. Then they gave me the sign that said, “heyy stop lady!!” (The same look the kid gave me when I ran over his box spring mattress on the highway—fail)

Anyway, they handed me the apartment’s newsletter and said, “Here you go — breakfast for you this morning!!”

How cute! A cinnamon bun and orange juice. Very nice, but then I thought about my major…this is just good public relations because of the fire that happened last week. But anyone can win my heart with free food. Just saying…

As I was driving down the interstate, I smiled. I thought about how successful and happy I was about my morning. Then I looked over and didn’t see my SCUBA gear.

OHHh shit.

Left it at home. And $42 later I bought myself new gear in Muncie.


I had a doctors appointment this morning..basically I paid a $30 copay to shake the doctors hand and tell him about my life. Moreless, I told him I am a stress bomb ticking because of school, work, and the wedding — but that I love life πŸ™‚ He smiled and told me I am healthy, just need to to think of ways to reduce my stress. But nothing I haven’t heard before or everyday..cough cough….Justin πŸ™‚


I went to MC Sports to get myself new snorkel gear…mask, fins, and a snorkel in a cool diver bag. Since I am leaving for Florida on Saturday, I realized I needed to get some flip flops from Old Navy. And $20 dollars later I was happy again.

My next stop was a lunch date with myself at MCL. I had Asian infused trout with Chinese vegetables and green beans and mashed potatoes. BEST lunch all week!! πŸ™‚

I couldn’t help but smile looking at all of the old people. I love old people. Snarky and sweet — they have a spot in my heart.

An older couple sat down in front of me and I instantly thought of Justin and myself in a few (50) years.

The old man looked at his full plate and said, “I sure was hungry. Were you hungry?”

She didn’t reply.

“Will you help me eat some of these potatoes?” He asked his wife.

She didn’t reply again. What a peach, I thought.

“Will you help me eat some of this chicken?” He asked.

“I’ll have a bite,” she finally said. “Is that chicken?”

I couldn’t help but smile and laugh on the side…this is exactly why I love old people.

“Yeah, I think its chicken,” he said. “It looks really good..I mean– I don’t know if its good, but it looks good. DO you want a bite?”

I couldn’t stop smiling. I closed my eyes and pictured myself in 50 years. Only I hope I am in Florida on the beach asking Justin if I can have a drink of his Corona….before we scuba dive! BAHH!

And that brings me to scuba diving class.

First, the good news: I passed my 50 feet under water swim with one breath– so all of my exit skills are now complete πŸ™‚

Second, the bad news. I wouldn’t say bad news, but it definitely was a hard day. We had to play buddy games today. Most of the games we were buddy breathing, which means you are only using one regulator for the two of you. We had to do things like swim around the pool blind folded with our hand on the wall and our buddy trying to guide us..then buddy breathing.

Another thing we did was swim to the deep end of the pool buddy breathing and then sit on the deepest part of the pool. Once we did that, we had to tie a rope with a weight on it to an empty water jug. Then we had to rotate filling it up with air and buddy breathing until it went to the surface. I thought that jug would never get to the surface…but it did. πŸ™‚ Thanks mainly to my buddy.

The scary part was a few times I didn’t grab the regulator right way because I was on the wrong side of my buddy so instead of breathing in air, I was breathing in water. Scary! Per usual it was hard to float too…story of my life.

My buddy might hate me, but we are both alive.

Next time, I really hope to have a dance off under water. Please SCUBA Gods let this happen….I’ll be practicing my booty shaking dance in the mirror just in case.

To conclude, I got home and showered. I couldn’t find a clean towel because our laundry is up to the ceiling…so I grabbed one from the top.

The towel I used to dry off after my shower was the towel I used YESTERDAY to clean the mud and dog drool off Bandit after our bark park adventure.

Just a day in the life of Ashley Bedwell…

Much love,

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