The Spring Break of Many "Firsts"

The theme for my spring break is “firsts.” Many things and events have happened over this break for the first time. Typically, my spring breaks in the past were spent getting drunk on the beach and throwing pretzels around a friend who was the first one to pass out — assuring sea gull dive bombs. But this break is the exact opposite. I guess I am growing up. Here is how my break started:

My First Plane Ride Alone

The news and movies have terrified every inch of my soul about flying in planes. Crashes. Terrorist Attacks. Snakes on a plane.

The first time I flew in a plane was my freshman year of college. I took a high dose anxiety pill. All was great until I could barely keep my eyes open. I think I passed out on the plane sprawled across the passengers next to me. I slept for like two days straight, so I made a pact with myself to never take one of those pills again. Because if a snake does get on the plane, I’d be too tired to run away.

So Justin dropped me off and walked me into the airport. Of course, my flight was delayed. But I still had to check-in because the plane could have landed sooner than they thought. So with a long hug and a sweet kiss, I said goodbye to my love. As he walked away, I turned around over my shoulder to watch him walk away. I’ll miss him.

The plane ride went surprisingly well. For the first time ever, I got up on the plane to use the restroom. Prior to that, I didn’t dare stand up and walk when the plane was in the sky. My seat belt stayed on the entire time. But not this time, I was a brave soul.

Two things sucked: I was in the middle of two other people and our seats were at the back of the plane practically in the toilet.

My First Sober Spring Break
I booked my plane tickets to see my best friend, Nicole, who has a four month old son. I knew getting wasted on the beach and bar hopping at night was out of the question. But to be honest, I didn’t mind it at all. I’ve grown out of that stage. I don’t really see the point in getting drunk in the sun and meeting strangers. With my wedding day approaching quickly, I am constantly reminded of how thankful I am that I don’t need to go to a bar to meet people.

I didn’t get drunk the entire break. I had three drinks total whereas previous breaks I’d have three drinks an hour.

I am proud of myself.

I am growing up.

My First Extended Stay in a House With a Baby
I admire Nicole for how wonderful of a mother she is and will continue to grow into. She puts Hudson first in all that she does and every where she goes. She can’t stand to be away from him and his cry brings her to tears. She has grown up so much and I am proud of the person she is today. She has her struggles, but she is still one of the most compassionate people I know. She is just starting her journey into motherhood and I am excited to see where her life with Hudson and David takes her.

I’ve learned that being a mother is hard work. All the crying and all of the diapers. All of the bottles and all of the fears. I am not prepared for motherhood. At all. In fact, the trip was like free birth control for me.

Prior to coming to Florida, I told Justin I was considering having babies right after we got married. In a way, I thought it would be give me more purpose in life. But now, I’ve learned that Justin and I should wait. I’m still too selfish with my time and I am not physically, emotionally, and financially prepared for motherhood.

But everything happens for a reason. I know that when Justin and I finally start having babies, it will be the perfect time. But it won’t be on the honeymoon- I can promise you that.

My First Diaper Change Alone
Nicole had to work one day, so I offered to watch Hudson. I can’t even begin to tell you how nervous I was about taking care of a small child. A dog– that’s fine. I’ll let him out when he barks, but a baby. That’s another story.

So when I lifted Hudson off the ground and felt his wet butt, I knew it was that time.

I was praying that there wasn’t poop in the diaper.

I wasn’t ready to hit a home run on my first time up to bat.

Just pee.

Thank goodness. And he smile and laughed the whole time. Maybe I can change a diaper after all….

My First Time Barely Seeing The Beach
The weather in Florida was pretty cold. And on some days, the weather was warmer in Indiana than Florida. But even more than the weather, taking a baby to the beach is not a good idea. But some how, I didn’t mind it that much. Of course, I wanted to lay out on the beach and get an amazing tan. I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t want to soak up some rays. But on my last day there, Nicole, Hudson, and I found a beach that allowed cars to pull up to the water. Therefore, we could keep Hudson in the shade and allow us to grab some Vitamin D while basking in the sun, which was finally out!

The beach wasn’t like most of the other beaches you think of when picturing a spring break beach. I saw just as many dogs as humans. I loved watching the dogs rush into the water, swim a few laps, and then roll around in the sand. It really made me miss Bandit. He would love the ocean.

A lot of cars pulled up just to sit in their car and enjoy the waterfront view while on break. I didn’t see crashing waves or worry about sharks. In fact, I only ventured into the water to pee. Come on, everyone does it. But most people go deeper than me. Someone definitely could have seen my bathroom break running down my leg if they were walking their dog close enough. But it sure was better than peeing my pants on the sand.

My spring break was different than any of my previous trips, but I still had a blast. I got to smile, laugh, and cry with my best friend who moved away a few years ago to start a new life.

So its 5 o’clock some where, just not where I ventured this year. I’ve grown up- its kind of cool.

Much love,

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