Call Me Cinderella, Because It Fits :)

I had an extreme fear that my bridesmaid dress for Cayla’s wedding wouldn’t fit. After barely breathing when I tried my wedding dress on a few weeks ago, this fear comes to me with no surprise.

I picked up the dress at David’s Bridal with Justin. He kept looking around the store trying to pick out my dress. He would be like, “Oh this is the one. I know it.”
And then I’d turn around the price tag and it would be $1,050 dollars.
Nope. Not mine. Maybe if money didn’t rule the world….
So we laughed and had fun running around the store like little kids. I think that’s what I love most about our relationship. He still makes me bubble after almost four years. He still makes me feel like a kid again. And after he saw me in the bridesmaid dress…I can safely say he makes me feel like the most beautiful woman alive.
I know, you are probably dying to see the dress.
But before I do that, I must be honest. I reached behind my back and said, “Oh please let this fit. Please, please fit!”
I zipped it up. Stood in the mirror. And was completely happen with the reflection staring back at me. Yes my hips are wider. Yes I have a little more cushion on my back end. And yes I am slightly pale to be wearing a tangerine dress. But above all, Yes, I loved it.

I walked down the stairs and it reminded me of the prom date I never had. For this time, when I was walking down the stairs- I truly was meeting the man of my dreams down below.
My prince.
I didn’t have a flower on my wrist. I didn’t have any make-up on. My hair was a mess. But I had a smile glued to my face.
“I really think it looks good babe,” I said walking down the stairs.
I got to the bottom of the stairs and Justin was speechless. He looked at me with wide eyes and said, “Oh my gosh – you are so beautiful!”
He stood up. Stared me some more without saying a word.
“Come here,” he finally said.
“Wow, I can’t wait to dance with you in this dress. I’m almost tearing up looking at how beautiful you are. Can you imagine what I’ll do when I see you on our wedding day? You will look so amazing then too!”
He grabbed my arms and started to dance with me.
He spun me forward and then back into his arms. Then he placed his lips upon mine.
We shared a beautiful kiss. And for a moment, my mind traveled to our wedding day. I know he will be handsome. I know he will take my breathe away. I know it will be the best day of my life.
Much love,

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