The World Is How You View It

A lot of people decide the world is either one of two things, good or bad. Black or white. No middle ground or happy medium. And then people, who believe its either good or bad, spray that infectious positivity or negativity on everyone they meet. Friends, family members, and even complete strangers. Trust me, you spray it and sprays strong and hard.

Lets put this into perspective:

I’m sure you can think of someone walking to campus complaining about their day and how awful their life is. They got a flat tire, then a bird stole their cheez-its, and then someone drove by a puddle splashed all over their new Coach shoes. Blah, Blah, Blah — that’s what I’m talking about. (Thanks Kesha for that song, which is slightly annoying, but makes me think of these people).

But then you see a different situation.

I was walking to class the other day. And I saw a couple walking behind each other. They weren’t holding hands, but you could tell by the way the guy was looking at the girl that he cared about her. He stopped, looked at the bed of flowers, and watched the girl keep walking. She had no idea that he wasn’t behind her anymore — she was probably in her own little world. He searched around to see if anyone was watching and then bent over and grabbed a beautiful, yellow flower. He came running up behind her and handed her the flower. Probably made her day and he probably thought he was a total stud/romantic for thinking of ripping a flower out of Ball State’s campus flowers. But still, very cute.

So here is the break down:

Good world viewers tell “good” stories — hopeful, inspiring, motivating. I can make it. I’ll bounce back. I’ll learn from this….What now?

Bad world viewers tell “bad” stories — dull, boring, apathetic. Feel bad for me. Why me? Its never good enough. I’m never good enough. Why me? Did I ask why me?

But the thing is – you can’t be on one extreme all of time. You have to strive for balance. You have to remind yourself that you are not the only single person walking on this green earth who has had a bad day. And you won’t be the last.

But think about when you had a good day and someone came running up to ready to complain about their life. And when the sun is shining and boys are picking flowers for girls — the last thing you want to do is to listen someone rain on you. Don’t be that person. All the time anyway. Because I do believe firmly that we all need at least ONE person to vent to, but not the entire world.

One of the most important things I’ve learned is that the world is how YOU view it. YOU can make up your decision to be in a good mood or bad mood.

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to what happens to you.”

So think about that next time. You can view it good or bad. Positive or negative. Hopeful or passive. Annoying like Kesha’s song or Inspiring like a beautiful love song, Two is Better Than One by Taylor Swift and Boys Like Girls.

A final tip of advice. When something happens and you get REALLY- I mean, really insanely worked up, ask yourself this, “Will this matter a year from now?”

And the answer is usually “NO!” It won’t matter that you split ketchup on your jeans. It won’t matter that your group meeting lasted longer than you expected. It won’t matter that you forgot your cell phone at home one day.

Time is what matters, for that is all you truly have.

Much love,

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