I’ll Never Go To Speedway Again..Ever!

I once told myself that I’d never go to Speedway gas station again. Ever. I had horrible service there a few months ago, which I could honestly write a blog about on its own.

But tonight, I saw that gas was only $2.66, so I thought, hey- I’ll give them another try. I’ll take one for the team. Maybe it will change my perception about the gas station.
So I pull up into my spot and read the sign, “Prepay only! Pay outside with debit or credit card.”
No problem. I’d rather do that anyway.
I stuck in my card into the machine and then pulled it out “RAPIDLY” —- because the screen demands you do so.
Then the screen said, “Go see cashier.”
Ummmm NO! That is exactly why I do the pre-pay pumps. I don’t want to walk inside. I don’t want to wait in line. I don’t want to be tempted by beef jerky and Red Bull.
Alright, I’m done. My point is proven — Speedway still sucks!
So I hit the “cancel” button and threw myself back into my car like I was Lindsay Lohan after a wild night of partying. Then I drove take off like Britney Spears trying to ditch the paparazzi.
Then I look in my rear view mirror.

“HOLY MAC AND CHEESE!” I screamed.
Just before my eyes, I saw my gas cap flying through the air like a UFO — sailing through the air without a cause.
You have GOT to be kidding me.
I pulled into the next driveway and parked. Then ran down the highway. Yes, this was on a highway. On busy Scatterfield Road in Anderson, Ind. You need to picture me doing this in scrubs. Justin tells me I run like a fourth grader the way it is, so that alone should make you laugh.
I run over to my poor little gas cap and see it laying on the ground lifeless. Shattered. Broken.
So I’ll never go to Speedway again. I mean it this time.
Just like I’ll never go tanning again. Scabies…..
Much love,

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