For Those Who Complain About Being Short….

One thing I’ve learned throughout life is that any given person wants to be taller or shorter. I’m not generalizing this, so if you aren’t one of those people you can still keep reading.

Shorter people usually want to be taller so they can reach things. Or so they can ride certain roller coasters (usually for the younger, shorter folks here). Others want to be taller so they can wear different clothes. Some want longer legs to show off. And I don’t blame them for any of these reasons. I am positive there are other reasons out there that I have not included; however, I have one thing to add for those who complain about being short.

Being too tall for a shower head makes your thighs feel like you just did the thigh master 100 times in the shower.

Literally, when I go to hotels or shower at my friends/family/maybe a random stranger’s house and I can’t adjust the shower head- it truly makes me want to do the five year old foot stomp.

And since our shower head in our condo during our honeymoon was exactly this way, I promised myself I’d blog about this and let others know that sometimes being tall can be a burden too.

But hey, maybe I’ll have a toner butt and thighs because of those non-adjustable shower heads. Bring em’ on if that’s the case, my friends!!

Much love,

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