Wedding Season

I’m a sucker for weddings. I always have been, even as a young girl. I can’t say that I pictured myself getting married — because for the longest time I wasn’t sure it was for me (Thankfully, that changed after meeting Justin).

But I love everything about weddings. But the biggest thing I love about weddings is that no wedding is EXACTLY the same.

White dress and ivory dresses.

Dark colors to pale colors to many colors.

Destination weddings to backyard weddings.

Small weddings to packed-to-the walls weddings.

10 year love stories to 2 month love stories (although, I’ve seriously heard of shorter than that!).

You get surprised every wedding you attend. Either the bride and groom surprise you, like Justin and I did with our first dance. Or parents, pastors, or guests mix up the service/reception/celebration.

I’m really excited that wedding season is here. I’ve been so blessed to meet many wonderful people and share in their experiences as they come together and get married.

But the biggest thing I’ve learned through all of the ceremonies and receptions is this: getting married is more than a celebration. Saying “I Will” doesn’t just occur the day of your wedding. A marriage is something that takes work. Often fun and thrilling, but marriage can also be terrifying and aggravating.

Being in love is what starts all the explosion and passion, but truly loving someone is what keeps your souls together. Your hearts beating to the same tune. And your minds united.

Cheers to wedding season and congrats to everyone getting married this summer. It’s also good to remember those adorable married couples on the dance floor- still dancing and celebrating years after their own special day. I like to keep my eye on those crazy cats. =)

Much love,

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