The Race Must Go On…

I’ve never been a runner. Ever. When I was in track (shot put and disc), I would hide behind the stands until the team came around the final leg of the warm-up lap.

At the gym, the last piece of equipment I EVER decided to use was the treadmill.

One day I woke up and decided I wanted to run a half marathon. With no background or love for running, this was an odd dream to suddenly develop.
But I saw one of my favorite professors always tweet/facebook/blog about running. And before I knew it, I saw a lot of people talking about running. So I thought, let’s do this! 🙂

I’ve been running at the gym- usually 1-2.5 miles a day. I ordered some special running shoes and bought “running pants” – which are high class leggings.

One of my friends called me about two weeks ago and asked if I wanted to run in a 5k. My first gut reaction was “maybe”…I’m still training and have a lot of room to go. But the next morning I woke up and text her, “Absolutely- sign me up!”
I woke up tired, but excited. As I was leaving, I went to lock the house and the key broke. Literally broke in half. Part of it was stuck in the door and the other half was in my hand. If this is a sign of how my day is supposed to be, I’m screwed, I thought. But I do what I do best, and I laughed it off.
I got to my friends house and called her cell phone. No answer. Oh no, she must have over-slept- which is NOT like her at all. Doors were locked.
I waited outside for 40 minutes- calling and texting in 5 minute intervals. Still no answer. Oh well- there is no sense being mad or upset- life is 100% how you look at it- so I made a plan: be positive, forgive, and run! 🙂
I had no idea where the race was- I only knew it was in Monroeville. And I couldn’t tell you how to get there or where to meet…sooo I made up my mind to still run – in Decatur.
The race must go on.
So I named my race.
“The Decatur 2010 Riding Solo 5K”
I started the race with the same song I planned last night- “My Humps” by Black Eyed Peas.
I ran.
I walked.
I smiled at complete strangers.
I said, “Good morning” to the old man planting flowers.
I stopped once to look at pictures in a window of the local photographer.
I was enjoying every minute of my race.
And I was in the lead the whole time.
50 minutes later- I finished the race. I didn’t stop at the curb either. I literally ran all the way up to my door. Jumped off the sidewalk like a little kid waiting on for the bus. Gave my car a high-five and sat down on the side walk.
I did it. I feel great. My day might not have gone the way I thought it would, but that doesn’t matter. And with the money I didn’t end up spending on the race, I went out and bought my family breakfast.
Life throws you curve balls sometimes- so you have to know when to step outside the batters box to hit that grand slam!

Much love,

Ashley – The Decatur 2010 Riding Solo 5k CHAMPION

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