What comes to my mind when you think of something that is unthinkable?

I’d be interested to know what you consider unthinkable in life. I’m actually reading a book right now called, “Unthinkable.” The book is a true story about the first man to complete the world-famous Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon. What makes is story unthinkable? Not that he was the first man…but he was the first double amputee to complete the Ironman Triathlon.

“9 seconds. That’s how long it look for Scott Rigsby’s life to come crashing down around him. 16 hours, 42 minutes, 46 seconds. That’s how long it took for Scott Rigsby to make history.”

He was only 18 years old. Fresh out of high school when the accident happened. He was riding in the back of a trailer when it was clipped behind by an 18 wheeler, throwing him over the side of the truck where he was pinned and dragged 324 feet.

I’m only on page 75 and I don’t want to spoil the ending. So I encourage you to read it.

I was running on the treadmill last Sunday when I almost jumped off and decided I wasn’t going to run in the half marathon. I’ve been training by running and walking. I’m not even sure I can run a complete mile non-stop. I’ve never ran competitively or to work out, so I’m not too sure why I even decided to run a half marathon.

Can I even make it?

Will I look stupid?

What if I don’t make it- what will I tell everyone?

All of these negative thoughts started pouring into my mind.

But then I thought of this book. And Scott. And my conversation with Leah about her accident a few weeks ago. And Brittany Raymond, whose life ended way too soon.

What would they tell me to do? I shouldn’t even have to ask; I know the answer.

Do it.

 Run it.

Love every minute of it.

Feel the wind hit your face and keep going even when your legs go numb.

And as promised, I shall do the stankey legg when I cross the finish line.

13.1 – that is how many miles I’ll run in two weeks.

I can do it.

I’ll probably walk most of it.

But I’ll give it my all.

Run when I can.

Smile to everyone I pass.

Thank the volunteers.

Be thankful- that I even have the opportunity to do this race.

I’ve been told I can do anything I put my mind to. And I’ve put my mind to this half marathon for a reason. It’s not unthinkable if you believe in yourself, right?

Let’s do this! =)

Much love,

One thought on “Unthinkable

  1. Don't forget that you'll have your husband, and one of your best friends at the finish line waiting for you. Proud of you for your accomplishment! Maybe your son will be there too!

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