To Run or Not to Run, That is Thy Question

I came across this quote in an article today: “There’s nothing you can do in the week before a race to help yourself. You can only do things that hurt yourself.” I laughed. Only people like me.

Who total a mountain bikes and nearly fall off a guard rail down 30 feet. Miss Grace- that is what my momma likes to call me.

Anyway, I do still feel like crap. This morning when I went to get blood drawn, the lab tech told me I should probably re-consider the race this weekend. Give myself time to rest and heal. I got tears in my eyes. So do I run, or do I not run?

I thought about it all day long. What’s the worst thing that could happen?

I fall down again? I already look like a hoodrat who fell too far into a dumpster.

The trolley picks me up? Well, if that does happen at least I’ll make a few more friends. I’m sure I’ll have another interesting story about my trolley experience.

And best the thing that could happen? I cross that finish line. I’m certainly not planning on winning the race. I’ll probably never WIN a race- but that isn’t the point. I’m simply excited to just participate. Run. Walk. Give it my all. Love every minute with my amazing running partners Brittany Gerig and Sabrina Schnurr by my side.

I’m going to run. That is my decision.

“People are going to look at me like I’m tore up when I’m running,” I told Darren looking down at my scrapped knuckles and burnt arm.

“No, no they will look at you and think – damn, she trained really hard. She was running through woods and shit,” Darren said.

He made me laugh. And that made my ribs hurt again. But it was worth it.

I hope people do think I trained my ass off, even though I’ll be running at the speed of a Grandpa with a walker.

Much love,


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