Don’t Live Your Life With a Cop In Your Rear View Mirror

Last week, I started my morning out with a mistake. A HUGE mistake. I weighed myself, stepped onto the scale- something no girl should ever do to start their day. Unlike our bank account, when the number goes up– it is a terrible thing.

I have to open a cabinet, place the scale on the ground, and step on it. Then I let out a gigantic sigh. Justin knew what I just did.

He walked into the bathroom and grabbed me behind my waist and said, “I don’t care what that scale says, you are still beautiful.”

I couldn’t help but smile.

“Thanks baby,” I said. “And it can only get better from here, right? Just have to move forward.”

“Exactly,” he said. “Oh and I thought of something the other day. I wanted to share it with you.”

I love his little nuggets of wisdom.

“So I was driving home from work and a cop was behind me. I was going the speed limit and obviously I wasn’t drunk driving or anything. But I got nervous and I was watching him more than the road. And it made me realize that I was actually driving worse because I was too focused on him being behind me. And life is a lot like that, if you are too busy starring behind you in the past you will never be able to look forward and do the right things.”

Holy smokes. Justin literally just said something so inspiring. As he was talking, I was jotting down mental notes for my blog.

He is exactly right. I drive like a moron when a cop is behind me. I’m worried about my every move and I am unable to focus on what is happening in front of me. Other cars. Other people. It’s dangerous. And it’s unhealthy to live your life while constantly looking in the past- unable to see what’s right in front of you! Unable to embrace the moment. Do the right thing- for today. And move forward.

So when the cop is behind you, don’t worry. He still stay behind you. Or pass you. Possibly pull you over. But either way, the most important thing is to remember to focus on the road ahead of you and only glance in the past- to make sure he is still behind you. And to confirm you are doing the right thing.

“Babe, that is awesome- I’m so proud of you for thinking like that and coming up with this story!” I said.

I gave him an air high five because at this point he started dancing.

A victory dance (and he proved his mad dancing skills at our wedding too, right ladies and gents?)

And shook his little booty all the way to the door, with one hand in the air and a coffee thermal in the other.

“That’s right!” he said as he continued dancing.

What would life be like without him?

I’m just glad I have him to remind to look forward more than backward.

Much love,

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