It’s A Sippy Cup Thing

“I’m really sorry that you have to wait on me to get change,” the young cashier said. “Here, have a free drink.”

I wasn’t even mad about waiting. There was nothing I could do about his change drawer being short. I always try not to worry about these sort of events. The uncontrollable – only sometimes predictable- events that shape the hours of your day.

“Oh that’s okay,” I said.

And then I changed my mind, “Okay thanks!”


I decided on Raspberry Tea. I reached up for the lids.

Hmm, only one size.

Perhaps “one size fits all.” Just like the free underwear I got from Victoria Secrets this weekend – which nice try- I saw those models last night and I’ll be the first to object that “one size (of underwear) does not fit all.”
I couldn’t get the lid on me for the life of me.

I was pushing down hard.

I literally tried five different lids.

The lady next to be was smiling and I realized I looked like a fool.

“So do you think I have too much ice in here or something?” I asked.

She smiled.

“No, mine went on just fine,” she said.

Of course, I thought.

“Here, let me try,” she said.

She grabbed one of the five lids I had tried and put the lid went right on.

Slid her fingers around the rim and said, “Yup- it’s a sippy cup thing!”

“You must be a mother,” I said.

She smiled proudly and said, “Yes- yes I am. Mother of two.”

She was probably 10 seconds away from showing me pictures of her children when my name was called for my order.

“Well, nice to meet you. And thanks for the sippy cup tip!”


Mother’s have remarkable talents and instincts. I’m sure her children were only toddlers, but she saw the struggle in my eyes. The hostility in my movements. And she helped me. Mother’s nature, help a child in need.

I am not sure that I thank my mother enough for all she has done for me. My mom has taught me the importance of helping others and sharing your love. She taught me to always share my heart with others, which is probably why I love writing and sharing my stories. She always encrouaged me to believe in others, especially when no one else did. It only takes one person to change a life.

You smile at people, hold the door open for them and always open up your arms for those in need of a hug or shoulder to cry on.

Her love and instincts are also part of the reason why I can’t walk downtown Indy without wanting to give away all my change or leftovers to the homeless people. Absolutely heart-breaking. Makes me wonder if they had a mom to teach them these wonderful life lessons.

And when I look back into my life, I see many mothers who have shaped my life and taught me valuable life lessons. Like these beautiful ladies below….

Grandma’s and aunts and cousins within my family and my new Sieb and Lahman family, my friend’s families, my sister….and all of the coaches, counselors, teachers, bosses and complete strangers- who help you put on sippy lids or share a loving smile as they walk past…

I hope my children think about me like this one day. Little Copper and Avery, should you ever have a blog, I hope you can write about me in such a loving way — that’s a true dream of mine. And maybe I’ll get cool points for playing video games to determine who will do the nightly chores. Just a thought. I think Justin will approve.

Thank you to my Mom & all the other mom’s in the world who make such a difference – by doing the simplest things and teaching the sweetest lessons – your love and support does not go unnoticed.

Picture: My Mother Theresa and me, being silly- my favorite.

Much love,

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