2,011 Miles

Growing up, I was constantly teased about being a “big girl” – even though my family always reassured me that I was just “big boned.” Let me tell you, if I had a quarter for every single time I was called “big boned girl” – I wouldn’t have to work right now. And I probably could have paid my way through school without taking out student loans.

But today, I’ve finally become a BIG girl. I’ve topped the scales. Reached an all time high. Never before seen this number on the scale. 229. Yes, 229 lbs is how much I weighed yesterday. I almost didn’t want to tell anyone. Not even Justin. At first, I tried to say I was bloated because I’m supposed to have a visit from mother nature this week. But I realized that number does not define me. My name is Ashley- not 229. And I shouldn’t live my life by the scale- that obsession will just lead to old, unhealthy habits.

I also realized that I was always try to workout “to be skinny.” I wanted to “look good” — but working out is more than just looking cute in a short skirt. It’s about being healthy. FEELING good.

I’ve decided to set an extreme goal for me. And since this goal is so extreme, I will feel like I will concentrate on the goal – rather than a pant size or a number on the scale. I will focus on completing my daily run rather than obsessing over my butt looks in a pair of jeans. Although, that will be nice too.

I will run and walk 2,011 miles in 2011. Yes, that’s an average of 5.5 miles every single day. 365 days a year. But I can spread it out. So maybe one day I run 4 miles and the next day I run 6. Or one day I run 2 and I’ll make up for it the rest of the week. Plus, I plan on running two half marathons in 2011. There is another 13.1 miles in one day.

I can do this.

I will do this.

I won’t be like Forest Gump and run across the nation. I won’t get picked up by any news station. But I know I have an amazing support team. And you are a part of it – yes YOU – reading my blog right now. You are a part of my drive- you give me a reason to accomplish this goal.

And maybe I’ll weigh 228 lbs by the time I’m finished or maybe I’ll weigh my goal weight of 185 lbs. Who knows! But the only number that will matter for me within the coming year is 2,011.

But I will tell you one thing- if the world ends in 2012 like Justin Semon constantly tells me – I will be extremely mad if I get skinny and then die. Just kidding, but really is the world going to end in 2012?

Much love,

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