Save The Date: June 18, 2011

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I just want to thank everyone for the overwhelming about support and interest in celebrating the life of Brittany Arnold (Raymond). Kristin Matthews, the Raymond family, and myself have worked together to organize an event that will celebrate the life she lived through something she was very passionate about, softball. In fact, Kristin and Brittany’s family have done most of the organizing. I simply thought of the idea while driving to her funeral and now it’s really happening. It’s a beautiful blessing what people can accomplish when they come together and start making plans.
We’ve had some unexpected set backs; however, we have worked them out and are pleased to announce the softball tournament to honor the life of Brittany will be on June 18, 2010 at Hanna Nuttman park in Decatur, IN.  We will continue to provide you with more information as the event progresses throughout the year, but please know a few things have changed since my previous posts. You can also find this information available on the Facebook event page, Brittany Raymond Arnold Grand Slam Benefit.
 You are invited to attend a family-friendly benefit in remembrance of Brittany Raymond Arnold!  Brittany left us in tragedy on September 12, 2010. She was attending IPFW in Fort Wayne with aspirations of someday becoming a teacher. She loved to learn and loved children, especially her own. What can you do to help them remember her and celebrate her life? Come to Hanna Nuttman Park in Decatur, Indiana on June 18, 2011 for a day full of fun, food, and some friendly competition!
Sign up to play in a softball tournament!
*Slow Pitch
*Double Elimination Blind Draw
*Ages 15+
*$10/person now until May 7, 2011
*$15/person from May 8 to May 14, 2011
*T-Shirt Included
*Provide your own team name
*A team captain will be our main contact and responsible for
contacting their teammates with important information
*See website below for registration information

Not interested in softball? Bring the entire family for a day full of fun!
*Raffles With Great Prizes
*50/50 Raffles
*A Cookout
*T-shirts For Sale
*Bake Sale
*Kids Arts and Crafts Table

Visit the website for information about business sponsors, raffle prizes, registered teams, and to download and print the tournament registration form. Check back often for updates!

Want to volunteer? Let us know what you can do!
*Be a grill master
*You tell us what you want to do!
*A list of volunteers will be compiled and we will contact you when the date nears!

Questions? Concerns? Ideas? Want to make a donation now?
Please contact and mail donations to:

Kristin Matthews
415-F Canal Court North Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46202
cell: 260-223-1550

Please make all checks payable to Kristin Matthews.
Receipts available upon request.

Would you like to make a donation on behalf of your business and be a sponsor? If so, please specify the business name when sending the donation.
*Less than $150 displays your business on a banner the day of the benefit.
*$150 or more displays your business on the back of all t-shirts.

Even when making silly faces, she sure was beautiful. Again, this event is focused on celebrating the life of Brittany. She was such a beautiful and inspiring young woman, who had a lot to offer. Please come out and play – let us celebrate everything she lived for; together, we can honor her life, together. The money raised by this benefit will add to a higher education trust fund, set up by Brittany’s family, for her two children to receive as adults.

Much love,

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