Absolutely No Body Loves Me Better Because You’re a Hot Mess

Justin and I have never been traditional. At anything. Our love story. Our wedding. Our outlook on life. And I absolutely LOVE it. I came across my sister’s Facebook post that she wanted a love like the song, “Stuck like Glue” by Sugarland. I’d never heard of it, so I Youtubed the video. It’s hilarious and so cute, and so my love song for Justin. Check it out.

So I emailed Justin and said, “I feel this way about :)” and then included the link.

He replied and said:

Eventually I got the song that always reminds him of me. He said, “It’s kind of like the first night we met…”

I then proceeded to tell him that I would be telling the Facebook community about the song selections for each other and he simply replied, “I live my life in a fish bowl…because you have Facebook.”

But I digress and responded by saying, “At least you can’t be eaten by a shark in a little fish bowl ;)!”

Adorable, right? He is my kidnapped prince charming and I am his crazy, hot mess wife! Now those are some true love songs 😉

Much love,

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