COD is NOT A Fish; Its a Way of Life

If you follow me on Facebook, you are probably aware of my photo series that has gained recent popularity. For Christmas, my husband bought “us” an X-Box to play “Dance Central” — little did I know, he went out and bought Call of Duty. Also known as COD. This is not a fish. This is a way of life. And I am documenting my husband’s addiction every single day. Often, I only pick the “best” picture of the day and post it online. But I have a lot more to share. Enjoy.

The very first picture.
 Has he caught me yet? And why is his shirt over his face?
 Hey I can be cute and capture Justin playing COD! Win.
THUMBS UP for my best mile EVERRRR. Babe, are you proud? 

I just did my best mile EVER!!! And Justin was super excited too! Can’t you tell?

Looks like the toe touch got Justin’s attention for a millisecond + Bandit was proud of me. Look at Bandit’s face.
Hot girl, check it.

Hey, he could be at the strip clubs. My life isn’t too bad, right?

He is all mine ladies. All. Mine.
Justin – if husbands were boogers, I’d pick YOU! 

 Hey babe- I am going out with my girls tonight. How do I look? Good, okay- well glad to know – I’ll take a picture of you playing COD now. What’s that, you didn’t hear me again? Shocker.
I have him in the palm of my hand.

SAVE ME! I am losing my mind. And Bandit seriously looks like a shark in this picture.
 Why am I wearing this headband inside? 
 I see dead people. On COD.

Quesadilla smile!

 Break dancing! Normal night. Obviously, Bandit is impressed with my life. 
 Bandit wants to know who threw his toy and I am just busting out my scuba dance moves. Justin is not phased by my outfit or moves at all.

Whoooaa man- hear comes a knarly wave. Justin – do you see that out there? Is that shark? Side note: Bandit is giving an extremely side creep stare….lol.
Do you want to help take my wet suit off? Nope. COD wins again.

Nice try, Justin! I caught youuuuu! You can’t beat me at my own game. 

I just love this picture for Bandit’s face….

 Bandit got us!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Babe- look at me in my skinny jeans.
He caught me – so he threw his hands up in the air like Miley. 

I call this one…the XBOX brain eater…nom nom nommm.

The hubby went out with the guys. The chair misses him….and I have no one to take pictures of…tear.
Look how many Valentines I found babe!!!! (Not impressed)

Do I look mysterious when I do this babe? (Still not impressed)

 Oh well, I’ll just be silly. 

I almost pissed my pants when I took this picture. He heard the sound of the camera going off (I usually turn it off) and he looks like he just broke his mom’s favorite lamp and wanted to make sure she wasn’t looking. Or he pooped his pants. Or he knew I was taking COD pictures of him. Any of those will work…

Silly faces with Bandit!
 I just love Bandit’s tounge in this picture, but yup- Justin is still there…you can see his feet!

He finally got me…and his face is priceless. I must say, Bandit and I are adorable sleeping the same way too. Good job, babe. You can get me at my own game – but I will still win.
Just resting my head on my hubby’s lap! Cuddle bugs! 🙂 (not)

Hey babe- look at this booty. Lookin good after 146 miles huh?
I gave him my famous booty dance and he completely overlooked my dance. He said, “BABE!” And it in his head he finished, “Get the heck out of my way because I am on a kill streak and I will be pissed if I die because of you!”
Much love,

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