A Special Thank You To My Donors

When I first started running, I had no idea that I would keep up with it. I always get into kicks. I go through a lot of phases, but often – they only last a few weeks. I’ve probably been on a diet 4,567.42 times in my life. And each one has lasted less than 3 months. Some only lasted 30 minutes. But I’ve kept up with my running. I need it. I don’t view my day as complete without a good run. I buy running clothes instead of new jeans and cute tops. I’m not a total rockstar yet. Its still baby steps. I’m still trying to run w/out doing a walking interval, but that will take time. I’ll get there. I believe in myself.

I made a friend on Twitter, @cubicledad, and he told me about his fundraising efforts through The American Heart Association. His daughter is the true reason for his life transformation and fundraising goals. In one year, he lost 100 lbs and completed his first marathon! He is a real inspiration, and he is the reason I joined the Start! Running Team through the American Heart Association. My goal: raise $500 dollars.  Since heart disease is what took my grandpa’s life, I felt a true connection to the organization. So far, I’ve raised $238.

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated. I greatly appreciate your generous donation to an organization that helps provide research and education to stop our No. 1 and No. 3 killers. So cheers to you, my supporters and donors:

  • Esmond’s Shoe Store (pledge of $0.60 / mile in honor of lives lost in the family due to heart disease)
  • Juli and Bob Snively (pledge of $0.10 / mile)
  • Kaye and Walt Sieb
  • Joe and Diana Lahman
  • Robyn Miller
  • Sonia Mendez
  • Bobbi Johnson
  • Ann Gardner
  • Sarah and Dusty Frey
  • Patsy Brown
  • Jenni Desper
  • Meggie Dials (my running mentor) 
  • Alex Shane and Bobbi Johnson
  • Chelsea Baughman
  • Heather and Nick Hutton
  • April Abernathy

Please let me know if I forgot your name on the list! I want to give all my donors the thank you that they deserve! It means the absolute WORLD to me and every penny counts to making a difference.

If you are interested in donating, you can check go to my personal donation page: http://runwithheartchicago.kintera.org/metrochicago/ashleysieb or send me a check directly made out to The American Heart Association. I’ll send you a red wristband that supports the cause too that says, “Run With Heart” and my Twitter name (for you to follow my progress) “@AshleySieb”.

Again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much.

Much love,

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