Scuba Sieb 2.0

My husband is constantly on my butt about going scuba diving. Because I can think of a million ways to die on a daily basis, I’m not exactly thrilled about scuba diving again. As most of you know, I have an EXTREME fear of sharks. I would die if I saw one. Either from an actual shark attack or a self induced heart attack.

I don’t want to be this seal…..

At one point, I was half way convinced to go scuba diving in Lake Michigan. Through some research, I learned that the Bull Shark can live in both fresh AND salt water. Insert face of fear again….
A picture that sums up my top 3 fears: sharks, aliens and tornadoes.
But today, I made a decision. I made a decision to live my life free of fears. Maybe I’ve had too much green tea this morning, but I’m feeling positive. I have energy to live and my conquer fears. So, I told my hubby I would go scuba diving again. Scuba Siebs 2.0.
Fact: If you ever feel fat, don’t put a wet suit on.
I wrote on his Facebook wall, announcing my decision to world:
“So yes, I’ll do this scuba diving thing in Lake Michigan. If I die by a Bull Shark in a lake…then it really was a rational fear all along and God really needs me in Heaven. Furthmore, I want you to start out my eulogy by saying, “Ashley always knew she would die from a shark attack, but no one ever knew it would be in a lake…”

Much love,

Ashley “Scuba” Sieb

2 thoughts on “Scuba Sieb 2.0

  1. Several things I'd like to address here.

    1. “Scuba Sieb” is hilarious. Scuba Sieb, damn you!
    2. I am DYING at the picture with all of your fears. Dying.
    3. You're amazing. I'm sure that you will scare any sea creature away because they will be too intimidated to be in your presence.
    4. My step-dad is on a rescue dive squad for Lake and Porter counties. If shit gets real, just text me from the water and I will send him to save you. His name is Leroy.
    5. All of these things are true. Especially the you're amazing part!

  2. A few responses to express here.
    1. I am so glad you caught the “Scuba Steve” referrence from Big Daddy.
    2. I made this picture for an “About Me” project in college. Ubber classy, righT?
    3. You are making me BLUSH!!! And I love you for all this confidence you are feeding me.
    4. I'll have Leroy on speed dial. Please let him know. In fact, I'll pay for his vacation if he comes out and is my buddy — because Justin is an eager beaver and leaves me behind. He says “the most experienced and confident one leads” — but I say he is leaving the weak one behind.
    5. I love YOU the mostest. =)

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