When Do I Stop Hurting?

One of my best friends Chelsea Baughman asked me today on Facebook, “So this whole running thing…when do I stop hurting? lol baaaa!”

My response was:

1- Do you stretch?

2- What kind of running shoes do you have?

3- Drink a LOT of water!

I also have another secret to make the hurt stop…Before I go for a run, I make sure I pump myself up physically and mentally.

I always – always pick one of my favorite songs on Youtube and literally dance around the house while I stretch. Today, Justin & Bandit danced + stretched with me. I am not kidding, I do this every single time.

Side note: For some reason, Blogger fails to upload videos without making me look like I’m moving / talking a million times faster than normal – but this case – it actually makes it funny. I will post the “real” version on Facebook later.

Have fun. Dance. Laugh. Stretch. Run. Come home – chug water!

That’s the secret to making the hurt stop.

Much love,

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