Are You Going to Eat All of That?

A full plate: that is one way to describe my life the past few weeks months years.

So much on my plate, sometimes I didn’t even know what is really on there…

My Grandma Kaye often says, “I couldn’t ever keep up with you! I bet you pass yourself coming and going.”

She is right. And some days, I can’t even keep up with me.

My friend Kristin Matthews asked me one day, “Is there anything you that you DO NOT do?”

I had to think about it. The next day, I wrote back and said, “I don’t speak a foreign language?”

When Justin and I were at lunch the other day, I had a revelation: I have to take control of my life again. I have to prioritize things and figure out what matters to me and my family. The stress of constantly being “on the go” was significantly wearing down on me…and my lack of emotions or too many emotions at times were starting to take a toll on the relationships around me too.

I’ve spent much of the past four years working my butt off to get through school and build up my resume / portfolio to land a job after graduation. I missed out on a lot ….On my little brother’s baseball games and my sister’s basketball games. I was living in the same town as my family and maybe saw them once a month…During the summer months, I missed trips to the zoo with my nephews and lazy days laying by the pool with my family.

So I looked at my plate – my overwhelming “to-do” list – and asked myself, “Are you really going to eat all of that?”

In 2011, I made a goal to get healthy by running / walking / biking 2011 miles and changing my eating habits. But it’s just as important that I become emotionally healthy too. I can run all the half marathons in the state of Indiana and eat all the salads in the world – but until I truly clear my plate – I won’t be healthy. I’m weighing myself down.

Recently, I’ve made significant changes to clear my plate. Honestly – its not always easy and will often hurt other people’s feelings – but if they really care and love you, they will understand. And -I must say- the changes have been for the best. I’m slowly learning how to say “no.” I’m learning the importance not spreading myself too thin. I’m learning to love everything and everyone that I have in my life. I’ve got unbelievable family and friends, an amazing fur son, a great job in marketing, a future house and so many opportunities ahead of me. What else could a girl ask for? Well – besides a margarita maker – I don’t have one of those yet….maybe that will be a house warming gift 😉

So, is your plate too full? Is there something (or many things) that you can eliminate from your plate that will help you live a happier and healthier life? I’ll bet there is…Don’t wait until your obese (overwhelmed to the max) to clear your plate (eliminate stress / projects / negative people / the list goes on and on).

Start passing the dinner rolls to someone else.

Much love,

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