504 Miles & An Important Purchase

Last night, I hit 504.5 miles for the year. Obviously, I am behind in my 2011 mile goal. I should average 5.5 miles a day or 170.5 miles per month.

As of June 1, I should be at 852.5 miles. But with my training schedule, injuries and life getting in the way – it was hard to keep up. I need to catch up by348 miles. I think I can do it. For the next three months, I am going to try to run and bike more…averaging 9 miles per day. Now, I know that number sounds high– and really it is. But in 30 minutes on the bike, I can complete at least 5-6 miles. I can do this. I will do this.

Last night, I did think about giving up on my 2,011 mile goal. I won’t lie. I felt like I would never catch up, learning that I was so many miles behind. But then my friend Sarah Frey told her husband Dusty to post this video on my wall. It inspired me to keep going – stop making excuses and keep going.

But in order to keep going, I made an important purchase. A purchase that I felt was necessary after one of my co-workers and friends lost his brother-in-law this past weekend. Zach was running in the Chicago half marathon last Saturday – he was extremely healthy and according to the articles I read, running 13.1 miles was a breeze for him. The heat that day Saturday was unbearable. I believe they eventually stopped the race because it was so hot.

Unfortunately, Zach passed away while running in the race. It was his passion, he loved it. He died doing what he loved, but that doesn’t remove the sadness from the situation. His death really opened up my eyes about the importance of listening to your body and stopping when weather conditions are not favorable. I am not sure what Zach’s cause of death was, and while I never had the opportunity to meet him – I am inspired to continue raising money for the American Heart Association until I hit $1,000.

His death also made me realize the value in purchasing a Road ID, which is a wrist band that I can wear that lists my name, information and 3 emergency contacts. I also included my mantra, “Brave the Run!” I understand the wrist band won’t save my life, but it will help any rescuers talk to me by name and contact my family immediately.

If you are interested in purchasing a Road ID, I’d encourage you to do so. You can receive $1 off your purchase by entering in this code at check out: ThanksAshley5785965 – Also, a portion of all purchases go a charity of your choice (you can select from 10 charities). What are you waiting on? Get your Road ID today….

Please be safe and listen to your body- only YOU know when you have pushed yourself too far and need to slow down.

Much love,

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