Joint Checking: Another Reason I Eat Healthy

There are only two people in this world who know how severe my addiction to Starbucks was last year. Me and First Merchants Bank.

I didn’t have a joint checking account, so no one ever knew how many times I REALLY went to Starbucks.

Or how expensive my drinks really were.

Or how many times I actually loaded my gold card.

Let’s just say I was a statistic- in the bad way.

But now, that I am happily married and share a joint checking account with a man who majored in Accounting and Finance. Let’s just say its not easy to let those purchases slide by anymore.


Last night, I was super hungry. Dinner did not satisfy me at all and the only thing on my mind was a breakfast sandwich. A buttery biscuit loaded with oozing cheese,  crispy bacon and an egg. Fantastic. I wanted nothing more than that…carbs, fat and cholesterol.

I went to bed hungry.


When I went to the gas station this morning, I knew I could pay inside for my transaction. And I also knew anything else that I got would just appear in one lump sum on the statement. I was dreaming of the gas station food in there. I knew for a fact they had egg and cheese biscuits because I saw them the other morning.

I made up my mind to get a biscuit.

When I walked inside, I checked out the breakfast sandwiches. I tried to play it cool like guys do when they are checking out girls with one eye as they walk by.

I went to the coffee first and kept starring at the sandwiches. Dreaming about how good it would taste.

But by the time that I walked past them again, I kept going. I didn’t want it. I didn’t want to cheat. I didn’t want to feel sick to my stomach. I didn’t want to hide my receipt my husband that would outline gas AND a breakfast biscuit.

I walked away and said no- D.A.R.E commericals would have been proud of my swag.

I was smiling all the way to my car.

I’m really changing.

And I really like who I am becoming.

So -maybe you should add someone to your checking account to keep yourself “in check” — until you can get the “say no swag”.

Wait, that’s a big deal – you should wait until your married (that’s what your parents said).

Much love,

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