Make It Your Passion

Nothing makes me happier than when my friends come to me for advice on running and races. Today, I got this text from one my best friends (Kelly Geb):

“Soo I have decided today that I want to try a mini marathon. Since you are the master… 🙂 Is there a mini one in Fort Wayne or where do I begin?”

Where I do begin? I remember asking that same question nearly a year ago.


I decided I needed to lose weight about this time last year. I had actually been waiting to lose weight fo years, but this time I was ready to take action. No diet pills. No gimmicks or crazy workout DVD’s that I could barely keep up with…I would do exactly what you NEED to do in order to lose weight…eat a healthy diet and exercise.

After asking countless of healthy, fit friends and family members about how they maintain their weight, I kept hearing the same exercise: running.

So I tried it. My first time was an epic failure. I don’t think I went 50 seconds without stopping. I felt like I was going to pass out because I couldn’t breathe. I didn’t know how I could go a minute longer. I think I finished my mile that day in about 14 minutes. But I was inspired. I wanted to do it; I wanted to keep going. In order to make sure I stayed on track, I told my friend I would do a mini marathon with her that Fall.

Mini marathon? 13.1 miles? How in the world will I ever do that if I can’t even run for 50 seconds, let alone more than 2 hours in a race?! I didn’t know the answer, but I was inspired to find out.

Where did I begin? I began by making it my passion.

I blogged about running.

I made a goal to run, bike and walk 2,011 miles for 2011. 

I asked my friends who ran for advice.

I started following runners on Twitter like @cubicledad (who inspired me to start fundraising for the American Heart Association)

I started reading running blogs like See Meggie Run (she is incredible – you absolutely must read her blog- you will be inspired for LIFE!).

I bought running magazines, like Runners World.

I went to movies about running, such as Hood to Coast, which is an incredible documentary that features 4 teams competing in the world’s largest and longest relay race.

I bought better running shirts and pants.

Rocking my running clothes!

I got fitted for running shoes (SO IMPORTANT).

My hubby fitting me for my shoes, which are from the best shoe store ever (Esmond’s Shoe Store).

I ran with the best personal trainer ever (and cutest).

Rain or shine; Bandit and I braved the run.

I signed up for any race I could get my hands on.

After my first mini marathon with my running partners, Sabrina and Brittany.

Nothing beats running with both family and friends; this one was for my mom’s bday! 🙂

While this wasn’t my best running performance, I was glad to participate in the largest mini marathon in the states.

 I signed up to join the American Heart Association’s Start! Running Team and raised nearly $800 for heart and stroke disease research and education.

Simply put, I made running my passion. Right from the beginning…

So, I sent her links to races in her area and the training schedule that I use. And I text back:

“Seriously- make it your passion 🙂 Buy good running shoes, get amazing running clothes, buy body glide because you will chaff in places you never knew you could chaff. Buy books or magazines or follow blogs about running and races! You will love it and I promise crossing that finish line is one of the best feelings in the world!”

Oh and good music and headbands can help with long runs too. But as Brad King will tell you, sometimes its just nice to listen to the sounds around you, smile at the people who pass you and have converstations with those runners along side you.

Much love,

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