Letting the Pictures Tell the Story

I’ve had so many emotions surrounding the softball benefit for Brittany, which is why it’s been very hard for me to write about it.

I could write from some many perspectives.

I could share stories about how it started.

I could write about the day itself. The happy faces. The amazing food. The talented band. The generous donations. The beautiful weather. The memories shared of Brittany. I could go on forever…

I could write about how much work and heart Kristin Matthews and the Raymond family put into planning the event.

I could write about how much I want to cry when I think about all of the people who donated and supported the cause.

I could write about how amazing my team was during the softball benefit; a team that started as friends – some strangers – and transformed into a family.

I could also write about how I haven’t ever been so sore in my life…and I couldn’t run for a whole week afterwards because my muscles refused to move. But it was good to know I wasn’t alone:

But instead of trying to find the right words – which has been really hard for me. I thought I would let these pictures and conversations on Facebook do the talking for me.

Team Spirit

She amazes and inspires me beyond words.

Setting up the tents!

Oh logistics.

Jeff, were you hungover?
One of my favorite pictures of the night…after the championship game.

surrounded by love.

thinks makes me hungry again…



beautiful smiles; loving hearts.

Battle wounds from @jozzyj

Runner’s up & super proud!
Good action shot!

My favorite picture of the entire event. Perfect.

 There are so many more pictures available on Kristin Matthew’s profile. Check them out.

Thank you to everyone who participated, sponsored, donated or came out to celebrate Brittany’s life at the Brittany Raymond Arnold Grand Slam benefit. It truly was a beautiful event that will have a lasting impact on so many lives.

Much love,

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