And She Cried at the Dinner Table

I will write about my adventures on a daily basis. You can read about my drive down to West Virginia here. This entry is about getting to the resort and why I cried at dinner (it’s not why you think).

July 4, 2011 (again)

I was not happy when we got there. Driving into the “resort” made me want to cry. I was less than pleased with the rainy drive down there and the man I saw beating a dog behind a church in a town of 40 people.

“Ash- maybe the dog ran away and he was just disciplining him!” Justin said trying to make the situation better.

“NO, I have zero tolerance for dog beaters,” I said. “Turn around. I’m going to take that dog home and yell at him!” And make him pull up his pants because his butt crack was hanging out by a foot.

Of course, we got there early – so we couldn’t check in.

Justin decided we should go grocery shopping and told me I had to wait in the car while he did the shopping. Someone had to guard the bikes, especially because someone could easily steal them. I was so nervous, and everyone who stood behind the car was a suspect in my mind. I tried to relax and read, but suddenly I heard a loud crashing sound.

I looked over and saw four men surrounding each other. The one guy in the black wife beater and short jean shorts had thrown a shopping cart at the shirtless man. Classy.

They yelled for about 5 minutes and their friends “held them back” – all while I pretended to read my book. I definitely didn’t want to make eye contact and get kidnapped on Day 1.

When Justin got back to the car, I was an “unhappy camper” – literally. The rain was pouring at this point and when I looked up the weather for the week – it was nothing but rain and scattered showers. I wanted to cry and steal the car and drive to a beach.

No such luck. Justin came out excited about his purchases. At that moment, I felt so bad about my negative attitude. The powerful rain, forecast for the week and sketchy community made me want to leave and never come back.

But despite holding back the tears, we checked into our cabin. To my surprise, the cabin was really nice!

Home Away from Home.

Yes, this was the best feature- but a close second to central air.

The AC felt amazing, the cabin had cable (which we don’t even have at home) and there were NO BED BUGS! 🙂

We opened up some beers and Justin turned on the TV. We watched an episode of “Keeping Up with The Kardashians” and I started to feel happy again. How can anyone be upset after watching Kim Kardashian get an X-ray of her butt to prove its real?

Next, we went to dinner at the bar / restaurant. I got excited when I saw the lake. It looked like every kids, adults dream!

Seriously, how can you NOT smile when you see this lake!? 🙂

Dinner was great and after one drink, I was feeling good (I’m kind of a light weight). Before we knew it, the sun came out.

I looked at Justin across the table and felt a rush of happiness. My heart filled with joy and love. And I couldn’t help but feel completely happy with who I was with and where I was at this point in my life. I’m sure I was extra emotional because mother nature was visiting (and I cried like 24 times already this week) and tonight was no different.

Tears filled my eyes as I looked across the table at my husband. We both have great jobs, our fun son makes me so insanely happy, our family is so supportive and our new house is amazing! We are so blessed. I drive a nice car,  I go shopping for new summer dresses and I enjoy dinners out with my husband. Not everyone gets to live like this…and I’m sure we can’t live like this forever…children will eventually cut our budget in half and the house payments will start up soon. But I am truly living the life I never imagined. I went from the girl who had $0.32 in her checking account in college after paying all my bills and tuition, to a happily married woman with a savings account, good job and investments. Everyone who told me my hardwork would pay off one day…and my struggles would make me stronger, you are right. 100% right….

Insert the waterworks. I truly love Justin so much and we are building a great life together- but most of all, we are happy on our journey together. We are working hard, but remembering to have fun along the way. We laugh often, dance always and never stop kissing in public- the key to a happy marriage (right after you have communication, trust and respect nailed down).

As I was bawling, I said, “I never dreamed I would have this good of a life. I love you so much and we have a beautiful home…I drive a nice car…I do fun things. I have so many summer dresses….You are so good to me ….and I feel spoiled.”

I realize I said a lot of material things, but I was still crying thinking about the irrplaceable things in our life- such as each other, our family….Our family does SO much for us….and my nephews, they bring SO MUCH joy in my life….and again, I thought of my beautiful fur son who we left behind…even though he wanted to come with us on vacation.

I am convinced Bandit is half human.

Bandit hiding on my tummy because he was afraid of the fireworks.

“I know I am emotional because I am on my period and I’ve cried like 24 times this week,” I said. “But I am just so happy with where we are…and even more- where we are going.”

Justin smiled and then laughed. I was a hot mess. I laughed too.

“I love you, so much – baby,” he said.

And right then – happy tears were streaming down my face; this will be a great vacation after all. I picked up my cranberry and vodka – he lifted up his beer and we smashed our drinks together.

“Cheers, to us and vacation.”

And then I cried some more and ate my spicy black bean soup with the biggest smile in the world. I probably had a black bean stuck in my front tooth…is that why Justin couldn’t stop laughing? Who knows. It was perfect. I’m happy.

Much love,

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