Falling Off The Wagon

Pizza, booze, cheese dips and mini hotdogs. Yes, those are just a few of things I ate over the weekend. Yes, I felt horrible. Yes, I easily gained 3 lbs. Easily. I feel off the wagon. One cheat day turned into a giant cheat weekend.

But I am human. I make mistakes. In the past, I would have given up and resorted to old habits. Very quickly. I would have gone to Starbucks this morning for a sugary latte and had Mexican food for lunch. Yes, I’ll have another basket of those 1,000 calorie chips please.

What did I do instead?

I kicked ass.

I ate fresh fruit for breakfast, soup & salad for lunch and a banana and peanut butter for a snack. Next up = salmon and fresh veggies for dinner. No sugary coffee. No booze. Just water and black coffee.

I am human.

I make mistakes.

But this time around, I kept going.

Everyone falls off the wagon here and there, but the most important thing is that we wipe ourselves off and climb back on. Even if you feel that you have no strength, I’m sure you have someone in front of you waiting to pull you up.

Thank you to my beautiful, loving and amazing hubby for picking me up today…and every day of my life really…. I woke up late, so sleepy. I didn’t know what to wear so I just threw something together and he looked at me with a huge smile and said, “You look really pretty!”

I didn’t feel pretty …I felt like a bloated whale. And felt horrible my habits over the weekend. But my husband made me feel pretty. More importantly, he gave me that little burst of hope and energy to invest more time and my health for the day. And every day.

Justin, you truly make the bumpy road a lot smoother.

My best friend.

It’s going to be great, growing old with you.

Much love,

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