From The Eyes of a Daughter

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Three years ago, I was on the fifth floor at Clarian Hospital. I was typing away on my computer. I would take a few sips of my coffee and look up at my dad every time I heard him moan in pain. Once I realized everything was OK or that he needed a drink of water, I was back to writing about one of the most inspiring and moving days of my life; the day my dad donated his kidney to his wife to extend both her life…and their journey through life together. Below is the story that I wrote about that day (which also got picked up in the local paper): 

July 29, 2009

Ronald Darrell Bedwell smiled across the hallway to his wife. His bright smile was similar to the one embedded on his face when she walked down the aisle on their wedding day fifteen years ago. Beth Ann Bedwell smiled back. They were placed directly across from each other in the pre-operation rooms.

Today, he is donating his left kidney to his bride.

One doesn’t often hear a love story similar to theirs; a wife in kidney failure after a life-long battle with diabetes and a husband standing by her side through every admission in the hospital. The couple’s true love keeps their souls intertwined as one. After six long weeks of testing and worrying, he will do more than stand by her hospital bed this time. He will be the reason she will live to see tomorrow.

For better or for worse, through sickness and in health, and til death do us part were promises the couple kept wholeheartedly.

The smiles paused when their daughter became overwhelmed by the situation. She realized both of her parents were undergoing an extensive procedure, leaving the fate of her parents in the hands of trained medical experts at Clarian Health in Indianapolis. But what if something happens?

As a tear rolled down Brittney’s cheek, she threw herself onto her mother’s lap. Her voice cracked and the tears started pouring like a fierce storm.

“I’m so scared, Mom!” she said.

The emotional moment made everyone start to cry. Across the hallway, tears filled his eyes.

“Are you ready, Ron?” the nurse asked. He stood up tall and strong. He walked over and gave his wife a loving kiss. For those few seconds, they reflected on being in love, not being in the hospital. When Ron opened his eyes, he saw his daughters crying. His eyes became full again.

As he hugged everyone goodbye, his bride leaned back in her bed. She stared confidently in the eyes of the man who was about to save her life. Now is the time when music would start playing in a scene of Grey’s Anatomy. 

But I didn’t hear Meredith say anything inspirational and Dr. McDreamy wasn’t there to hold our hands. 
We were left to inspire each other.

The next few hours seemed to pass like months. Around 3 p.m. the doctor told us the surgeries went great.                                                                                                                                                                           

“Britney, please take the phone and take a picture of Dad. I just want to see him,” Beth said softly when we first saw her.

The transplantation brought our family together. The devoted surgeons, doctors, and nurses extended a happy marriage, which may have ended sooner than anticipated if dad wasn’t a compatible donor. Their love story inspires others to cherish every awakening moment together. After all, when one is standing in a hospital gown with their cherished spouse, all that matters is the love that fills their hearts and the hope that floats in their souls.

At the Cowboys v. Colt’s game this past year.

 Three years later….they are both doing great and still head over heels for each other. 

Love big today every single day.

Much love,

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