I Won a Hot Body Contest!

Now that I have your attention……
I did not win a hot body contest!

Pool side with my best friends!

However, my husband thinks I’m hot, so that has to count somehow. Anyway, the true story is that when I posted this picture above to Facebook on Saturday, I received these awesome comments that completely made my weekend:

Jenna Smoker said: “I was looking at this pic and Wyatt was peaking over my shoulder. He said, ” I like that.” ugh he is such a boy 🙂 P.s. U look great”

Mindy Moore said: “Looking fantastic Siebbbbb! I’m proud of u; and pool days w the girls are the best.”

Amanda Loshe said: “Ms ashley…look how cute you are in your little bathing suit! Jealous!”

I was shocked to read those words. Fantastic? Great? What could she possibly be jealous of? I definitely feel like I looked great or fantastic…especially when I was hanging out with girls who basically have 6 packs and weigh 100 lbs less than me. Literally. Maybe they were talking about my sassy J-Lo earrings…

Either way, you can imagine how those comments made me feel so special. I’ve made such giant changes to my diet these past few months, despite falling off the wagon during the month of July. But I made a decision to kick butt during the month of August. And today is proof of that because….I passed up bagels at work. Let me re-phrase this…I said no to free bagels!!!!!!!

That has NEVER EVER happened in my life.

So as Lady GaGa would say, “I am on the right track baby, I was born this wayyyy!”

And what is the biggest lesson I’ve learned throughout the course of my weight loss journey? Being happy is what makes you beautiful. Not a pant size (even tho I love seeing that number go down…being happy along the way is what makes these milestones so much more enjoyable!)

Much love,

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