You Can Help Indy SOW Win a New Toyota!

This Thursday, I’ll attend a training session to begin my second year tutoring at @IndySOW (Indianapolis School on Wheels). One night a week, I meet beautiful children who been faced with extreme obstacles to overcome. They don’t have a home, but that doesn’t make them any different than any other kid. They still love to laugh. They still love to play. They still love draw pictures. They still love tell stories. All of the laughs, games, pictures, stories and homework we have shared together has shaped my life in countless ways.

I know that the Indy SOW team always thanks our volunteers and donors for everything we do, but really we should thank the children. For they are the ones who make me thankful for everything I have.

They make me realize what I don’t need.

They teach me how to love complete strangers.

They make me smile when they talk about their day.

And more importantly, they make me a better person.

Today, I get a chance to help these kiddos out one step further. Indy SOW has been selected as one of the non-profit organizations to receive new set of wheels (if they get the most votes).

“Toyota wants to salute do-gooders by giving 100 cars over 100 days to nonprofits that could really use a new set of wheels. And voters like you help decide which one gets a new ride every day.”

By taking less than five seconds out of your day, you can make a huge difference for these children and IndySOW.
Vote now:

Thank you for your vote & support for this amazing organization that does for much for the homeless children and parents in our community.

Much love,


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