The Power of a Dream

1 in 8. Those were the odds of my little brother making the coast-to-coast traveling baseball team. My mom was texting me two weeks ago at his tryouts, saying how amazing he was doing. We both talked about how proud we were of Devin. Whether Devin made the team or not, he was following his dream and that is inspiring.
I think every boy dreams of being a professional sports player at least once in their lifetime. But Devin hasn’t given up on this dream once. Below are a few pictures that sum of Devin and his passion for baseball:
Mom & Devin when he was a baby baseball fan.
You’re safe!

How can you NOT smile when you see this picture? I love it.

Good sport.

Look at that smile!

So cute!

High school! Holy cow, where does time go?
Almost 16 years-old and he is ready to play for the big leagues. And this past Saturday, we learned that he is a few steps closer to this dream. HE MADE THE TEAM! I couldn’t help myself, I started crying with excitement.
I later told my sister Sarah, “This is such a big deal for him. I am so proud and I will do whatever it takes to help him raise money to play. I mean seriously –this is really his dream. And he is making that happen when he is only 16. That is like me becoming a star on “All That” with Amanda Bynes on SNICK when I was his age.” 

What, you didn’t have dreams of being on SNICK!?
So what’s next? 
We need to raise about $1,700 to get him to Florida Dec. 27 to the 31. I’m racking my brain with creative ways to help my brother follow his dream. A few ideas we have now include:
  • Pitch & Catch-athon (people sign-up to play catch for X many hours. They would get people to sponosor them and donate money based on how long they said they would play pitch & catch).
  • For his 16th bday this September, his bday gift could be donations of $16 for his trip.
  • Local sponsorships
  • Devin could volunteer for a local company or organization if they would sponsor him through donations – This show he understands he has to work for what he wants in life-  a valuable lesson.
  • For my 25th bday, try to get people to donate $25 to my brother’s fundraising as a bday present!

If you have ANY fundrasising ideas or would like to make a donation, please message me online via Facebook, Twitter or my gmail:– even the smallest amount can make the biggest difference!

Thank you so much for your help and consideration!

Much love,


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