My sister is engaged!!!

Finding Out

I was sitting at lunch with my best friend Toni when my phone went off with two text messages back-to-back.

The second text (which was displayed first) was this: ” 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :)”

Without even reading the first text, I looked up and said to Toni, “OMG- my sister is engaged. That’s way too many smiley faces to be anything else.”

And with that, I read the first text, “Will just proposed!!!”

I’m so insanely happy for my sister. With two young children, finding a man to love not only her- but her boys was super important. The boys look up to Will so much…and he will be is an amazing father. And equally important, I know he will be my sister’s best friend, husband and partner through all walks of life. He doesn’t give up or walk away when times are hard. He puts my sister and boys first. Always. What else could a big sister ask for? Well, if his dad was the CEO of Starbucks – that would be cool…But, I digress!

The Proposal

Sarah had to run some errands on Saturday morning. While she was out, Will drove out to my dad’s house and asked for his blessing. I don’t know how that conversation went, but obviously my dad approved! 🙂

When Sarah returned home, Will called her into another room.

When she walked in, both Braxen (my oldest nephew -age 4) and Will were down on one knee.

Will was holding the ring and Braxen said, “Mommy, will you marry daddy?”

OMG- I was crying happy tears when she told me her story. How adorable? How special! How thoughtful!

And not only is Will a great guy, he has great taste! 🙂

Matron of Honor Duty

I got even more excited when Sarah asked me to be her matron of honor! Within 6 hours, I:

  • wrote my matron of honor speech in my head (I’m 75% done and it will make everyone cry. promises)
  • created a Pinterest board called “My Sister’s Wedding”
  • found her a wedding invite designer (me), a DJ (Justin), probably a minister (Justin) and a photographer (the talented Ann Semon)
  • confirmed her wedding colors
  • confirmed that Bandit would IN FACT be the best ring bearer EVER! Yes, I found a pillow for him and everything…she hasn’t approved this idea yet though…I’m not giving up!
  • found the number for the reception hall
  • suggested the perfect location for the wedding ceremony (our dad and Beth’s house!!!!)

Planned for this week is:

  • going to David’s Bridal to pick up a catalog of dresses
  • creating a wedding planning binder
  • stalking pinterest for more amazing ideas!

Oh, and a fun fact…Justin proposed to me the first Saturday of December three years ago.

Much love,

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