I am a Runner

My husband has slowly turned into my personal trainer. We got a gym membership together at the YMCA in October, but we never really worked out together. I always focused on cardio while he focused on strength training with some cardio.

But since I am not currently training for a race, I wanted to build strength training back into my workout routine. Often, people assume they should only focus on cardio. But strength training is SO important…sure I want to continue to lose weight. But I also want to say goodbye to my bat wings, saddle bags and love handles.  Hence, I need to start lifting again to tone up! And I also believe with a stronger core, back and leg muscles – I will improve my running posture. 
So last night, Justin and I were doing legs.  We were on the calf raise machine when I first said it. Previously, we were doing sets of 10 – but I was feeling good so I just did a set of 15.
“Did you just do 15?” Justin asked.
I looked over at him with a cocky smirk and said, “Yes, I am a runner.”
I’ve never said that before. Ever. I usually say, “I run.” Or, “I try to run!”
To be honest, it’s hard for me to feel like a “runner” because I can’t run for miles and miles without stopping.
But then I found this picture and quote a few weeks ago. 
Yes, I take walking breaks. Yes, I do intervals of walking and running- because for now, that works. For now, that’s what helps me log more miles. So, I might stop for a walking break, but I keep running. I keep running until I finish. Whether I get a personal best or the worst time of my life, I still run
On the next set, I went to lift up and the weight felt increased. Dramatically. It was now at 150 lbs.
“You turd,” I said.  
Justin smirked and gave me this look of “try to do 15 reps now” – so I accepted the challenged. And then some.
I exhaled, and lifted up…doing the most weight I’ve ever done on a calf raise.  
And with confidence in myself and my mental strength on full blast, I did 20 reps.
“You’re a punk,” Justin said.
Well, that might be true.
“I’m a runner,” I said back.  It felt amazing to say that twice. Outloud. And I meant it.

“Just wait until arm days,” he said. “I’ll get you then…”

And he will – the bat wings can’t lift heavy duty. YET!


Later that night, I was watching The Biggest Loser. It was the marathon episode, which is MY favorite!
While the makeover episode is amazing to see their physical transformation, this episode makes the contestants shine more than EVER before. You can put make up on anyone, but no new dress or hair cut will ever make someone feel the high of finishing a full marathon. Especially someone, who just five months earlier, was considered morbidly obese… I cried so many happy tears last night!
Those contestants braved the heat of the desert and plowed through sand storms…for 26.2 miles…let’s just say I was beyond inspired! I wanted to be at the finish line hugging and crying with each contestant as they crossed the finish line.
I was also so inspired by Roman’s  confidence.

He went into this race saying, “I am going to win!” 

“Nothing can stop me from winning this race.” 
“I will pass Courtney.”
“I will be in the final 3!”
Those are just a few things Roman said during his interview about the full marathon.
With that attitude and confidence, he won the race. Sure, he was prepared and trained for the race…but that confidence. That attitude…that is what won him the race.
You could have trained your heart out…never missed a day…but if you do not believe in yourself and your abilities…others will quickly pass you by.
Go win your race.
Much love,

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