My Pics Don’t Lie

I was getting depressed when I saw the number on the scale start to slowly climb back up. I had lost 20 lbs and before I knew it, I gained 5 lbs back and then 7 lbs and then 10 lbs. It was not inspiring.

I tried to remind myself that I shouldn’t obsess over a number. And as a coworker and friend of mine reminded me last week during a meltdown, I am doing it the healthy way. So I should be proud of myself and accomplishments this year.  Searching for some inspiration, I looked at the pictures I’ve saved along my weight loss journey this year. I was pretty happy with what I found.

None of the pictures are in the same exact pose, but they definitely show the progress I’ve made this year.  I’ll be posting the official before and after pictures on Jan. 1, 2012. This is just a teaser; I’m excited to see the final results. And while Shakira says her hips don’t lie, well -my pics don’t lie.

Starting Point = January 2011
This picture is unsettling. For many reason.
But mainly because I see a girl filled with sadness.
Desperate for a change.
February 2011

March 2011
March 2011
April 2011 – the first time I realized I had a belly button! 🙂
November 2011

November 2011
Tonight = December 21, 2011
While I don’t have a six pack, I have a belly button.
And that is more than I can say a year ago.
And now, I’m happy.
I have more pounds to lose.
More miles to run.
But, I am comfortable in my own skin.

Thank you SO much to all of you! I couldn’t have done this without the love and kind messages from my family, friends and even complete strangers. Nothing made me happier than receiving personal messages from people relating to my journey.

Or people who found motivation through my story and shared their own stories of personal achievements this year.

Or people who were reaching out to me for advice.

I never dreamed I could inspire so many people…and I an so proud of each and everyone one of you.
I look forward to growing stronger and faster with you all in 2012.

Much love,

One thought on “My Pics Don’t Lie

  1. You. Look. Incredible. And you're doing it so WELL, in a new lifestyle that will never stop working for you. Congrats–and welcome to a whole new year of equally wonderful things.

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