Miles of Motivation: Miles 16-17

Last night at Winterfest this happened….


I quickly turned around to see who was calling my name.

“Carla! Hi, it’s amazing to see you!” I said back to the beautiful Carla Jo Truex.

“Wow, I didn’t even recognize you- you are getting so skinny!” Carla said back to me.

WHAT?! I thought.

Did she really just say I was “getting skinny?”

I never thought my name and the word skinny would ever be in the same sentence.


That comment alone 100% made my night.


Today I went to the YMCA for my run. Even though the sun was shining bright, that wind was not impressive. 

Mile 16 tonight was for Audrey Lash. I met Audrey through Justin’s friend from college, Phil (her husband). Audrey is honestly one of the most positive and motivating people I know.

Audrey & myself taking a dancing break for a picture together.
May 15, 2010.

She is always writing on my Facebook and blog posts to encourage me to keep never give up…and to hit all of my goals. The love and support from Audrey is truly invaluable! When I was running mile 16 for Audrey tonight, I was rocking out to Nicki Minaj – which I am SURE made Audrey proud. She loves Nicki as much as I do. Audrey, you’re a blessing and a great friend! I know you will do GREAT at your upcoming half marathon! Maybe we can do a few training runs together at the YMCA or outside on nice days! Thank you so much for always inspiring me to reach for the stars and dance like no one is watching!

Mile 17 was for Ashley Griffith. I’ve meet Ashley in August of 2006.We went to Ball State together and actually graduated in the same Public Relations program together. We were summoned “the party table” Day 1 of Brad King’s media ethics class. A title we held on strong until the very end of the semester…

The first day of our senior year in college.
August 2009. Where does time go?

Ashley knows everyone. You can’t go anywhere without her knowing at least 2 people there. And by the time she leaves anywhere, she knows EVERYONE and at least 5 interesting facts about them. For these reasons, it’s no surprise why I love Ashley. While I was running mile 17 tonight for Ashley, I couldn’t stop thinking about all of our adventures and laughs together. Late night trips to Papa Johns, critical Starbucks trips before class, nights out together at Dill Street, bachelorette parties together and cruising around in the chicken limo for my birthday. Thank you for making life so much fun, Ashley. I’m so happy you are back in Carmel and can’t wait to catch up with you again soon!

81 more miles to go! 🙂

Much love,

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