For My Health

On Dec. 31, 2011 I returned home from Florida. It was vacation…so that meant lots of eating out and drinking beers on the beach.

After a few drinks, I walked into the bathroom and found a scale.

I was feeling bloated.



And the scale showed it.

239 lbs.

Surely that was wrong.

Surely the scale was broken.

I decided to pee and see if that would change anything (YES I DO THAT!) I’ll remove hair ties sometimes to see if that makes me lighter.


Well, a year of work down the drain.

At that moment, I was determined to make 2012 my year.

The lowest number I ever saw on the scale in 2011 was 218 lbs and that was in August.

August 11, 2011.
218 lbs.
I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face all day.

It took me 7 months to lose 20 lbs.

Today – I proved I am kicking butt.

Today – I proved I am moving much quicker with my weight loss goals.

Today – I proved passing up buttery popcorn is worth it.

Today I proved hardwork pays off.

Within the past 3 months, I’ve lost 20 lbs.

This morning, the scale said 218.5 lbs.

I stepped on it like 24 times to confirm accuracy.

It would go up high- once at 231 lbs and then it quickly go down to 216 lbs!

I felt like I was on The Biggest Loser.

I mean, in the last week alone I’ve lost six lbs.

I told my best friend Toni last night that I’m not losing weight for anything or anyone else.

I’m not losing weight for a dress.

I’m not losing weight for my husband (or anyone else for that matter).

I’m not losing weight for a certain number on the scale.

I’m not losing weight for a vacation.

I am losing weight for myself.

To live longer.

To live happier.

To live healthier.

And when we have kids one day, I want to be a fun mom.

I want to be the mom who runs around with her kids in the sprinkler. 

I don’t want to hide in the house, ashamed of my appearance.

I want to be a MILF (again – one day).

Diabetes runs in my family and so does heart disease. During my last check-up, I told my doctor about my problems losing weight. I explained that I fuel my emotions with food and admitted that I’m awful with portion control.

I was hoping she would give me magical pills. To control my huger and appetite.

Instead, she told me to get a workout buddy and try Weight Watchers.

Looks like the true secret to weight loss really is….working out and eating better. WHO KNEW!? 😉

My skinny workout clothes were busted out tonight! 🙂
I haven’t seen these in MONTHS!

 So if you are searching for weight loss inspiration, I encourage you to look no further than the mirror.

Do it for you.

And only YOU.

Much love,

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