Golf Clubs for My Birthday?

Golf gal in the making.

The last time Justin and I went to the golfing range, I BARELY made contact with the ball. 

That was two years ago.

Today, Justin went golfing with his dad- and Lisa and I tagged along for the golf cart ride.

At first, I was just drinking my vodka tonic and yelling random comments like the guy from the US Open.




But then, I started to pay attention to the game.

The detail.

The concentration.

The form.

The approach.

The strategy.

And soon enough, I wanted give this game of golf a try again!

Justin gave me some coaching with his driver, and I took a few practice swings.

Once I made contact with the ball, it felt amazing.

“Holy shit,” Rodger said. “That’s impressive.” 

I hit the ball about 200 yards.

I was thrilled.

Justin and his dad let me play my ball all the way through the hole.

“Dang girl,” Rodger said after I hit the ball for the second time with the 7 iron (maybe, that sounds familiar) and it got really close to the hole! “Looks like you might need some clubs for your birthday or anniversary.”

I looked over and Justin was laughing.

“This is uneblievable!” Justin said. “Maybe I need to start taking you out after all!”

And when they turned around to drive away, Justin looked back with a giant smile and pointed at me.

I felt so proud.

I finished by using a wedge to plop my ball closer to the hole and then used the putter. Look – I’m even learning the terminology. 

Tiger Woods might have won the 74th PGA Tour today, but I won so much more: Confidence and encourage to take on a sport I know nothing about. 

Much love,

One thought on “Golf Clubs for My Birthday?

  1. You did a great job! You learned by just observing and listening. Play golf more often, and you’ll definitely get a lot better! Yeah, a golf club for your birthday would make a great present because you’ve got the skills. I just had my custom-made golf club repaired in Seattle, and I’m so thankful it was fixed like nothing happened.

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