Modern Family and Marathon Training

It’s time to make a confession. Well, it might not be a confession to everyone.

But before I digress too much…

I must admit.

I’ve never ran a complete 5K (3.1 miles) without stopping for a walking or stretch or water break.

So, the thought of running a FULL marathon without walking breaks seems nearly impossible.

But, who says running a full marathon is impossible? It’s certainly possible. I know many people who run full marathons. Who run half marathons. Who run 5ks. The thought of me running a full marathon shouldn’t be embedded in my mind as impossible.

I was explaining my running and walking struggle to my lovely friend Sarah Frey tonight.

“I’m sure it’s a confidence thing…but I just don’t know how to run more than 2 miles without wanting to stop,” I confessed. 

“Have you ever watched the episode of Modern Family when Phil tries the walk across the high rope?” Sarah asked me.

Also, I am Phil and Luke is my future son, Cooper.

Now, I know that I remind most people of Phil, but I really had no clue where she was going with this example. Then again, I’ve never seen the episode.

“No,” I said. “What it’s about?”

“Well, he tries to walk across the rope, but it’s really low to the ground,” Sarah said. “So, he keeps falling because he knows he won’t get hurt if he falls down.”

“Right..” I said listening to her example.

“So, he moves the rope higher off the ground,” Sarah continued.”And guess what? He doesn’t fall as as much.”

And just then, her phone dies.

So, I was left to soak in what she said and literally run with it.

I went into the gym and had a revelation.

Phil didn’t fall because he invested more into his goal. 

He was pushing himself to new limits

He was trying harder.

He was balancing better. 

He took a chance.

And he had more on the line, literally.

Last night, my friend Martha Ellen introduced me to the concept of a pretentious jog, which is the act of jogging so slow that you are ALMOST walking. This act is also referenced as a PJ. 

I just need to take a leap of faith and just “go on for it” as the Perfect Strangers often say. 
Who knows? I might surprise myself and run my first 5K this weekend.

I don’t care how slow I go…or how many times I pull a PJ…as long as I keep going.

It’s time to get outside my comfort zone.

Phil Dunphy style.

Get your PJ on, Ashley.

Much love,

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