My Biggest Loser Moment

I’ve gained some weight.

Let’s say…10 lbs.

I’m sitting around 207 right now (on a good morning).


A few reasons actually…

  • Personal training! I love my personal training sessions with Dustin. I’m challenging my body in ways I NEVER knew were possible. I’m turning into that person who grunts and screams at the gym…not sure if I am proud or embarrassed of that fact, but I’ll tell you what…it means I’m pushing myself HARD!
  • Cheese. When I eat cheese (dairy), I bloat and gain weight. I have a lactose sensitivity, but cheese is truly my favorite food. I can’t resist it…and it makes everything better. Oh cheese.
  • Marathon training. Most people gain weight during marathon training. Why? Because the food addicts like me say, “Ohhhh I just ran 5 miles on a Tuesday night- clearly this calls for a jumbo margarita and Mexican food!” Wrong, wrong, and wrong…I’m working on trying to re-fuel my body with healthier foods after those long runs. One step at a time…

Yesterday afternoon, Dustin was training Kaila (his wife and my best friend) and me at the same time. It was a blast having a friend there with me …to share in the pain!

Dustin handed me TWO 20 lb weights.

“What am I doing to do with both of these?!” I asked.

I can barely lift the bench press bar by it-self…

“We are going to do squats down to the end of the parking lot and back,” Dustin said.

I died.

“NO WAY!” Kaila and I said at the same time.

“Just kidding, just walk with them to the end of the parking lot and back,” Dustin said.

Seems simple enough. I can handle walking right?

But that 40 extra lbs was straining on my body!

My shoulders hurt.

My back hurt.

My thighs hurt.

And then it hit me…

“You guys, I just realized that carrying this weight…40 lbs…is the amount of weight that I’ve lost,” I said. “It’s crazy to think my body was carrying about this much extra weight.”

Now sure, I’ve gained a few lbs since my 40 lb weight loss victory…but I’m convinced some of that is muscle!

“That was pretty deep, Ash!” Kaila said. “But amazing to think about…”

We finally made our way back to the building…I was exhausted…ready to drop the 40 lbs that was holding me down.

“Okay- great job! Do it again!”Dustin said.

“AHHHH!” We moaned, but we did it again.

In fact, I finished by running the last half.

And I almost cried…thinking about how far I’ve come…and when I dropped those 40 lbs on the weight bench…it was a reminder that I’ve truly dropped those lbs. And I’ll do EVERYTHING in my power to make sure they do not come back.

That’s why I love having Dustin as my personal trainer.

He pushes me harder than I have EVER physically and mentally pushed myself.

Now, if only I could only get my stress eating, emotional eating, food is my enemy-thing under control.

One step at a time…

Much love,

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