A Bad Run

I believe everyone needs a pre-run tradition. Mine just happens to be dancing around the house and stretching with Mr. Bandit.

Gaga said it best: Just Dance.

May I have this dance?

Hey bro.

Wobble Baby.

Okay, let’s get serious.

Big stretches.

I was supposed to run 10 miles today.

I did 5 miles.


Well, running in 91 degree heat is ridiculous, but my migraine didn’t break until this afternoon….

But the biggest factor for my bad run I was mentally unavailable during our run. With every step, I was adding something to my list or thinking of something I needed to accomplish for the week.

Mile 1 thoughts:

  • Do laundry when you get home.
  • What should I wear to work tomorrow? 
  • You should definitely wear a dress.
  • Fall will be here soon!
  • You need to start saving money so you can get new boots!
  • You also need to clean your car today.
  • So much Bandit hair.
  • Hmmm sushi sounds good for dinner.
  • (Justin drives by and honks at me). 
  • I don’t remember to say hello. 
  • Keep running.
  • Oh crap, don’t forget to write that blog post for tomorrow.
  • Did you write those press releases yet? 
  • No, no you didn’t. 
  • You must do that tonight.
  • Man my feet hurt.
  • Crap it’s hot out.
  • Stop complaining!!!!

Mile 2:

  • That desk…you must clean the desk at home.
  • Don’t forget to write those notes from your meeting with Sierra.
  • OMG it’s SOOO HOT!
  • Did I just swallow some sweat?
  • Ohhh the pumpkin spice latte comes out next Tuesday!
  • Mark your calendar for the PSL return.
  • Don’t forget to email our upcoming DJ clients the Excel sheet with song requests.
  • Man, DJing is stressful.
  • Really stressful.
  • And time consuming.
  • Can I really do a full marathon?
  • No, I can’t. 
  • I’m done training.
  • Stop it, you’re going to keep going. 
  • Don’t give up. 
  • I think I have an ocean of sweat on my back.
  • Okay, after this mile you’re going to the gym.
  • Will you hit your 8 visits this month to the gym?
  • No, you definitely won’t.

After mile 2, I went to the gym.

Mile 3:

  • Did you switch the laundry before you left for the gym?
  • Maybe I’ll get Subway when I’m done.
  • Why is Law & Order always so depressing? 
  • I need to find a new channel.
  • Seriously, my foot is going numb.
  • Okay, you absolutely need to write those emails for work.
  • It might be better if you just write out your “master” to-do list tonight so you can go into work more prepared.
  • I wish I was reading 50 Shades of Grey.
  • Do people really like…okay, stop thinking about that while running.
  • You need to get healthy snacks for work. 
  • You’re eating better this week.
  • NO cheese until Friday.
  • Okay, that’s impossible. 
  • Just limit your cheese intake. 
  • This new lotion smells really good.
  • You should get your hair colored again soon.
  • When will I go home next?
  • I miss my family.
  • My foot is finally numb. 
  • I’m getting on the elliptical.

I finished the last two miles on the elliptical, and I left the gym feeling really defeated.

But my inner positive Ashley reminded myself that not every run is a good run. And I should be proud that I got myself out there and tried…I still got an hour or so of cardio in!

Today, I had a bad run.

Tomorrow, I will try again.

And I’m going for 10 miles.

Much love,

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