A Small Price to Pay for a Smile

Today’s blog post is sponsored by the life of Ashley Sieb:

“Well, I’ve gained my all weight back…”

Yes that means I am back about up to around 228 to 230 on any given day …bahhhhh.

But instead of stating the obvious (aka I’ve been stressed out – not working out as much – and eating poorly), I’ve decided to focus on the positive events that occurred today.

The Compliment

While walking to the bathroom earlier this morning, I saw Jami at her desk.

She had a giant smile on her face and waved when she saw me walk by. She was talking to Jeremy, so she didn’t have time to chat…but her smile was bright enough to perk me up.

Lesson One: Smiles are free!

Later that morning, Jami and I had a meeting together.

“By the way,” Jami said. “You’re looking really thin! I wanted to tell you that as you walked by earlier this morning!”

“Jami,” I said. “God love you. I’ve gained nearly ALL my weight back. And I’ve been feeling fat and miserable…and okay, I don’t want to go on a tangent here. Thank you SO much for saying that…it really made my day.”

“Oh, really?” Jami asked. “I never would have guessed. Well, you look great!”

Maybe I’ve gained some water weight.

Maybe I’m bloated for eating cheese all weekend (you guys, I know- but I am addicted).

Maybe I’m “gaining muscle weight.” 

Either way, Jami’s compliment made my morning.

Lesson Two: A compliment is free. 



And appreciated.

The Random Act of Kindness

I stopped by McDonald’s on the way home (insert reason #45040 why I have problems losing weight + keeping it off). I only got a Medium Fry (which I shared with Justin- so technically a small fry) and an unsweetened iced tea…in case you couldn’t sleep without knowing what I ordered.

Anyway, this McDonald’s was one of those stressful “two at a time” drive thrus. You know- the ones that usually result in one person getting angry with the another person about “who should go first.”

Per usual, I couldn’t tell what the car in front of me was doing, so I pointed to him and said (as if he could hear me with his windows up), “Are you going or am I going?”

He was an ADORABLE old man – not like 100 years old – but probably late 60s. And if you know me- you know I LOVE old people!

He smiled and signaled for me to go ahead.

What a sweetheart.

So kind.

And happy.

I decided at that moment I was buying his dinner. I didn’t care if it was $1 or $50- I wanted to make his night for being so kind.

I pulled up to the window and said, “Hi! Can I please pay for my meal and the gentleman behind me in the black F150?”

The young girl at the drive thru looked shocked. As if no one had ever done such a thing….

“Oh wow, you want to pay for him?”

“Yes please!” I said. “And just tell him I said ‘Have a great night!'”

She smiled.

“Sounds good!” she said. “His total was $2.18.”

“Oh that’s completely fine,” I said. “Thanks for letting me know.”

I pulled forward and tried not to be a giant creeper as I watched the young girl tell the older man I paid for his meal.

I saw his face light up again.

Much brighter than before.

He leaned out his window and shouted, “THANK YOU!”

I could hear the joy in his voice, and it melted my heart.

I leaned out by window and said, “You’re welcome! Have a wonderful evening!”

Lesson Three: $2.18 is a small price to pay for smile.

His sincere smile couldn’t escape my mind. While driving home, I had my radio up loud and I was excited to get home to my family. 

Just then, I saw a police officer pull out. I looked at my speedometer and I was going 15 over. 

“Oh great,” I said to myself. “I’m going to get pulled over now. Oh the irony…”

But to my luck (which I never have), the cop didn’t pull me over. 

I smiled.


Do good to others, expect nothing in return, and good will come to you…

Much love,

4 thoughts on “A Small Price to Pay for a Smile

  1. I know this cheap but a smile goes a million miles for you and me. Put a tear in my eye to see my niece to just smile and be who she is. Just remember goals of weight are not worth loosing yourself. Love yah just keep smiling

  2. Just have to say… I LOVE MY FAMILY! Thanks lil bro and baby ashes for showing everyone what words and little kind gestures can do for a complete stranger and a family member! LOVE YOU both MUCHO GRANDE!

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