Let The Paleo Begin

You guys, I just stepped on the scale at my dad’s house and the number made me want to stop eating for a week. Or two. But that’s not healthy. That lifestyle is old Ashley. So I need to change. Because I don’t want to see this number ever again!

233 lbs.

I pretended to wonder how this could happen, but My Fitness Pal has all the answers.

High fat.

High carbs.

Low fruits.

Low veggies.

Low exercise and strength training!

And let’s not get stared on all the food an booze I consumed yesterday, which I did not count up! My iPhone probably would have exploded from trying to calculate all the calories! Eeek!

And unlike the other times, I didn’t cry…because I knew the scale wouldn’t show me the number I wanted to see!

I’ll be honest, though, I didn’t expect to see 233 on that bad boy….

On Thanksgiving, Justin’s cousin came to visit. I haven’t seen her in two years, so when she walked in and her waist was the size of my thumb, I about died.

My Uncle Bob could tell I was upset about something so he smiled and wrapped his arms around me.

“What’s wrong my Ash?!” He asked me.

“I mean seriously…just look at Cheryl!” I said, trying to whisper. “She looks incredible. And I just don’t know how and why I try so hard and…and look like this…”

“Come on now, Ash! You look good. And you are healthy, right!?” He said.

“We’ll yeah,” I said. “I am pretty active! I have low cholesterol and my blood pressure is low too…”

“Listen kiddo,” Uncle Bob said. “Don’t worry about what you don’t have…focus on what you do have!”

He was right. As always. I admire his wisdom and insight on life during all of our chats!

“You’re right, Uncle B!” I said.

“I am right!” He said.

“No I know you are right!” I said laughing. “I believe you. And I have a lot to be thankful for…and a lot to focus on.”

I don’t have a thin waist and big boobs. In fact, I’ll probably never have either!

But let me tell you want I do have!!

-You (my amazing blog readers, who leave me comments and messages that inspire me beyond words).

-A loving and supportive husband who had agreed to go on the Paleo Diet with me starting Monday!

-The income to support healthy eating and choices! I’m so blessed that I get to choose to eat less…some people can barely get enough to eat!

-An amazing group of friends and family members to motivate and support me on a daily basis!

-Bandit, my favorite little guy and running buddy!

-A gym membership!

-A personal trainer…Dustin, I’m coming bacccckkkk! Are you ready to make me puke again!? Hahah but really…

-Access to other blogs and research for inspiration & ideas!

I’m sure Paleo will be hard. Because let’s be real, I’m a food whore and eat my emotions. Happy, sad, stressed, or mad…I am eating. Oh- and you can’t eat dairy on Paleo, which means no cheese…so yes, part of me will “die” as I go on this lifestyle change!

But, you guys, I’m sick of living like this…and letting food control my every thought and action.

So, be ready for lots of blog posts about me missing cheese. Look for daily updates about what I am eating. Check back for Paleo recipe ideas. Get pumped for before pictures, during pictures (aka mirror pictures of me looking sweaty and hot from the gym or crying in fetal position near a box of Mac & Cheese), and after pictures (probably more mirror pictures in a fitting room trying on a new cute dress). Hey, at least I know myself!

Oh, and yes- lots of bandit pictures!

I’m so ready to be fit.

And healthy.

And energized.

Thanks in advance for your support and motivation! I’ll need you guys….

Much love,

Ashley (a soon-to-be recovering foodaholic)

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