The Bathroom Stripper + My New Laugh

This week I’ve mainly blogged about giving up cheese my diet and weight loss.

But my life is more than a diet or number on a scale. So, I wanted to share a funny story with you about the bathroom stripper at my office today!

I walked into the bathroom this morning, and I noticed a sea of glitter on the ground.

“Um, KE$HA?
Is that you blowing glitter all over the floor?”

Holy cow, does a stripper work here now?

Later in the afternoon, I went into a different bathroom stall.

I noticed there was MORE glitter on the ground.

A lot more.

Someone is PACKING on the glitter today!!!

Just then, I went to button my pants and I saw glitter fall to the ground.

Lots of glitter.

And then I looked at my jeans.

Even more glitter.

Oh no, I’m the bathroom stripper…

My newest pair of underwear, which ironically said “HO! HO! HO!” were covered with glitter on the rear…

Just another day in the life of Ashley Sieb…

OH and one more fun fact, my latest laugh is now inspired  from the ADORABLE kid at the end of this video:

Much love,

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