Words Are Gifts

I had a bad day.

A stressful day.

An overwhelming day.

And to top it all off, I didn’t eat well at lunch or dinner.

I’ve also been sneaking cheese into a few meals. I KNOW, I know…but I couldn’t keep my secret any longer. At least tomorrow is a new day…and I have goals of doing better!

Anyway, my salad at lunch had 680 calories.


I could have eaten a small burger and fries for under 680 calories.

A burger with cheese.

And mayo (okay, light mayo).

Maybe even bacon!!

This doesn’t look delicious at all.
(I’m lying).

But that’s what I get for not checking my calories BEFORE ordering.

At this point, you are probably wondering what burgers, words, and gifts have in common…I promise, I’m getting there…

After work, I drove home with self-pity in the passenger seat. 

“I could really use a sussy today,” I whined.

Just then, I remembered a conversation I had earlier with a friend. Lindsay wrote that I had inspired her to take on a fitness journey of her own! She told me I looked fabulous and to keep up the great work.

And then I remembered a post from my friend Tara last night. She wrote, “Just wanted to say THANKS for not giving up on your weight loss journey!! I kinda fell off the wagon, and your post the other day showing your weight loss got me motivated!!! Ran 4 miles today, determined to keep going this time!! 🙂

Thanks for not giving up…

Those words are so powerful, and I think I’ve repeated them in my head about 49.3 times today. Yes, someone interrupted me during my own thoughts, that’s where the .3 comes from.

And then, of course- there is the overwhelming amount of love and support I received when I posted my exciting weight loss news on Saturday:

“The lbds leave, but the curves stay. Best Saturday.”

So, as I drove home feeling sorry for myself tonight, I realized I’ve been receiving gifts for the past week straight! 

Words are gifts that are delivered directly from your heart!

When spoken at the right time or in the most perfect way, your words are priceless.
So if you want to help someone in need or simply make someone smile…

Use your words.

And at the same time, do as your teachers or parents taught you growing up:  

Think before you speak.

Because you can’t take back your words.

And people will remember what you say forever.

So be wise.

Be kind.

Say sorry.

And remember to always speak from your heart.

“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.” – Lao Tzu

Much love,

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