How to Hide Your Food Baby

I know what you’re thinking….

Where have you been this week, Ashley?

Why aren’t you posting more instagrams of your food?

Why haven’t you been tracking all your meals in My Fitness Pal?

Well, the answer is simple.

I completely BOMBED on my “diet” this week.

Big. Time.

It started with a few pieces of shredded cheese in my salad. Just like a crackhead, those little pieces of cheese were all I needed to spiral down into a binder.

Tuesday was Birthday Bagel day at work. So naturally, I had no will power and ate one…And that lead to eating popcorn with chunks of bacon and Parmesan cheese (yes, you heard me…and it was amazing).

Next was the pepperoni pizza…

And let’s not even TALK about the Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger I ate on Thursday.

And all of that just set the tone for my work holiday party where I ate 3 peppermint and chocolate cake balls, bbq pulled pork (at least I didn’t eat the bun…can I get some bonus points for that “carb free” attempt?), buffalo chicken dip, and beer. Well, I think I had a few pieces of fruit at the party too- so that’s about the only healthy thing I ate all week.

I know, I know…now you’re wondering WHY!?

You did so good last week, Ashley.

How did this happen?

The answer (again) is simple.

I am addicted to food.

I love food.

When I’m sad, I eat.

When I’m stressed, I eat.

And when I’m happy, I eat.

But because you read my blog, you already know this about me.


One day…

(I hope)…

Food won’t control my life.

And when I do “eat my emotions” – I’ll go for happier options.

“I AM SO STRESSED OUT- someone give a head of broccoli!” – Ashley in the future

But despite my week of awful eating, I only gained .5 lbs.

So, I’m sitting around 217 lbs.

DO NOT ask me how.

Because honestly, I thought I was going to step on the scale and gain 15 lbs.

And please DO NOT take this as a sign of inspiration to eat whatever you want…because honestly, I just got lucky.

Or my scale is broken.

So, my weight loss journey continues!!

Full steam ahead my friends! 


Today, I went shopping for my work Christmas party dress.

I wanted something green; that was my only requirement. 

My first destination was Old Navy, which is where my food baby came to life.

Food baby. 5 months.

Roll out.

OBVIOUSLY I ripped this dress off as quickly as I put it on.

The style of this dress was NOT flattering.

Because the dress is tight at the top and then flows out toward the bottom, it made me look bigger than I really am. And the dress was really thin, which made my leggings / underwear lines show…not impressive.

The best part about this shopping trip? I did not cry when I saw this picture.

Perhaps, old Ashley would have cried…but I’m feeling more and more confident in my own skin each day…I love my curves.

I’m proud of my figure.

So, I reminded myself that I needed a different style for my body.

Next, I went to Express and instantly loved this dress on the hanger.

And when I put this dress on, I realized it was PERFECT for my figure!

Food baby …be GONE!

Kim K. booty say what?!
Now, I usually don’t wear animal print. BUT I was feeling frisky, so I tried this one too (same dress, different pattern):
I sent this picture to my husband, who replied and said: “Just put on some hot pink leggings and you’ll look like LMFAO.”
So, the winner is….
I felt so skinny and fit.
No photoshopping required.

The dress is tighter all around, which hugs my curves in all the right places.

The black strips down the side hide my love handles.

The material is thicker, so you can’t see my legging lines.

And this dress was 40% off!

It’s perfect.

The trick to hiding your food baby is realizing and accepting the strengths of your body. 

So, the next time you go shopping… 

Don’t focus on weaknesses- who cares- everyone has something they don’t like about their body.

Focus on your favorite features and work around those! And spending a little extra money helps because you will get better quality material and designs. But you don’t have to spend much more…the first dress was $30 and the second dress was $43.

Worth it.

Much love,

2 thoughts on “How to Hide Your Food Baby

  1. The Old Navy dressing room is one of the circles of hell. When I try on clothes there, I turn into Michael Kors and immediately yell out, “That crotch is insane!”
    I love that green dress! Those black stripes down the side are magical. I love optical illusions.
    Merry Christmas!

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