How The Paleo Diet Turned Into a Cookie Binder

“Ashley, what ever happened to your Paleo diet?!” – you

Great question…I’m glad you asked.

My failed attempt at eating like a cave man lasted four days (at best).

And as a result, I ended up eating cookies for breakfast the following week. I don’t know how “healthy eating for 4 days” turned into a cookie binder, but some things are just unexplainable.

I didn’t go into Paleo thinking I would be 100% committed to the diet, but I wanted something to keep me balanced. And I loved that I could find Paleo specific recipes and read Paleo blogs! Or follow Paleo people on Twitter! Basically, I’m a marketers dream …despite being a marketer myself…

Turns out, Paleo isn’t for me.

I felt too much pressure to eat and exercise “by the book.”

I like frozen yogurt.

I like sweet potatoes.

I like nuts (I know, I laughed when I wrote this line too).

And I like whole grain & brown rice.

All of these foods are on the “do not eat” list with Paleo.

Now, my short time on Paleo did teach me that I should try to follow my diet 80% of the time. And learn to pick healthier options or eat more balanced meals whenever possible.

I’ve eaten more fruit in the last month than ever before!! And I’m very focused on portion control!

And you may recall, that I had a true face-off with a cheese ball the other day at my office.

I’m happy to report that I did NOT eat even a single bite of the cheese ball.

Are you proud?? Don’t be…

Instead, I ended up eating some cheddar flavored popcorn and grabbing a cookie later in the day!

Butttt I ate healthy the rest of the day…

So, what’s my final verdict?

Paleo wasn’t a true failure.

Why?! You ate 45 cookies this month. – you (with added dramatic emphasis like me)

Well, I learned a few things about myself and my eating habits.

Most importantly, I learned that one bad snack doesn’t mean you should eat bad for an entire day or week.

As long as you stay focused and dedicated the rest of your day (aka eat your veggies and fruits and lean protein + get off your booty & exercise) one small cookie a day will not be a deal breaker.

You got this.

We got this…

Much love,

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